The most smelly flower in the world... smells like death

HERE’S one for those who kick the bouquet ... a monster flower that pongs of DEATH.
The aptly named Corpse flower, or Amorphophallus titanum only blooms for three days a year, if at all. It has a scent resembling rotting flesh to attract insects.

Translated literally, Amorphophallus titanum means "giant misshapen penis." And while the genus Rafflesia may include the world's largest flower, this titan lays claim to the largest unbranched cluster of flowers in the world. At full size, the titan can reach over 10 feet in circumference and stand 9 and a half feet tall.

Known commonly as a "corpse flower" or "carrion flower", the titan releases a scent that smells almost exactly like a corpse, and also gives off a fair amount of heat, which helps to strengthen the decaying-carrion illusion, both of which help the plant attract insect pollenators.

The Amorphophallus is a distant relative of the other gigantic "corpse flower"

Although the flower is naturally found only in Indonesia, since 1889 they have been successfully cultivated in botanical gardens around the world including Kew Gardens in London.


Reverse Evolution: Rare disorder causes 5 siblings to walk on all fours

This photo taken in 2005 displays a person from a spouse and children with 19 kids walking on his arms and toes in southern Turkish province of Hatay.
Some people today walk on all fours for pleasurable, or for sport, but not for very long stretches and surely not for simplicity of mobility. Yet five siblings in a relatives of 19 in Hatay, Turkey, wander not just generally but only on all fours, and lack the harmony to do usually.

Considering the fact that the siblings were to start with found out by researchers in 2005—and featured in a BBC documentary in 2006—one well-liked clarification of their abnormal quadrupedal gait was "reverse evolution"—meaning they could be living evidence that we can basically devolve.

But new research posted this week implies that theory is false, and that the affliction is in its place an adaptation to a scarce dysfunction, reviews the Washington Publish.

Whilst 14 of the Ulas loved ones siblings are fantastic, five have Uner Tan Syndrome, named right after the Turkish evolutionary biologist who 1st researched them they put up with from lessened harmony and cognition.

(When Tan in his 1st analyze questioned them the year, the 5 siblings replied: "80," "90," animals," "July," and "household.") Their resulting gait, which differs from other primates in that it is lateral instead of diagonal and includes putting excess weight on wrists rather of knuckles, is truly a signal of adaptation to assist cope with a decline of stability, the new study indicates.

The family members is protecting of the oft-ridiculed siblings, and the four sisters generally stay indoors and crochet, though their brother is noted to be much more adventurous. All move gracefully, even down stairs.


Alien Ship Found On Mars Surface [July 19, 2014]

This ancient disk was found in a Mars Surveyor image this month. Its circular shape is very typical of the flying saucers seen for many centuries around the world.

On one end of the disk is raised area that looks like an engine compartment or possible damage. This disk is totally out of place in this environment of ridges and cliffs in this crater. It is an ancient abandoned craft, probably damaged beyond repair or it tech was made obsolete by new tech.


Play This Video At My Funeral

Super Selfies Are Back, This Time More Elaborate And Exciting Than Ever!
 The super selfies is like a regular selfie except it is nothing like it at all. This is so legit, the main guy could nail any job interview if he just showed them this.


Special beer contained Viagra released

BrewDog launches The Royal Virility Performance to ‘rock the royal wedding bandwagon’

Scotland’s largest independent brewery, BrewDog has unveiled a limited-edition beer containing herbal Viagra to mark the forthcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th. The beer is called ‘The Royal Virility Performance’.

The beer contains herbal Viagra, Horny Goat Weed and ‘a healthy dose of sarcasm’
It is designed to undermine the special edition beers produced by other breweries for the event
The Royal Virility Performance will only be available from
The beer is a 7.5% IPA, produced at BrewDog’s microbrewery in Fraserburgh, Aberdeen
The beer is ‘best served in a Lady Diana toby jug and stirred gently with a silver spoon’
40 bottles were due to be made, but because of demand they will now make 1,000
The craft ale will cost £10 a bottle with all proceeds going to Centrepoint
A complimentary bottle has been sent to Prince William himself
EDIT: Due to legalities, the first 40 made with Viagra cannot be sold, so the extra 1,000 will be brewed with herbal Viagra


Old Man has life figured out [amazing video]

He’s Getting All The Old B*tches Diapers Wet With His Groovy Moves. Elderly Gentlemen Gives Zero F*cks About His Dodgy Hips And Gets Taken Over By The Music, Throws His Canes Down And Starts Busting Moves!
Give zero f*cks and live every moment to the fullest. Watch as he throws caution to the wind and lets the music take over!


A little drummer and Orchestra

Performing with a live brass band in Russia

Ian Paice, a best Hard Rock drummer ever


The world's first "holographic phone"

With parts costs going down, it increasingly is the case that even comparatively tiny smartphone vendors can manage to put together a smartphone that, judged by its specs sheet, is nothing to sneeze at. This is especially noticeable in China, where new vendors pop up as if from thin air. Takee -- a company we've never heard of -- joins that list of manufacturers without prior market exposure, but it deviates on the formula greatly.
Indeed, the holographic part in the title is surely why you're reading this right now, and also what sets Takee apart from the crowd. We'll go right ahead and also admit that that's by far the most exciting part of the Takee 1 -- a smartphone self-described as the world's first holographic phone.

If this reminds you of the Amazon Fire Phone, then you're in the same boat with us, though it could be that Takee has something even more intriguing in store for us. At least judging from the promotional material available for the phone, which is all kinds of confusing.


Top 10 Infamous UFO Sightings With Unbelievably Simple Explanations

In a universe this incredibly vast, we can be sure we’re not alone. It’s almost beyond doubt that alien life is out there. It’s even possible that little gray men have paid us the odd visit. Just like David Duchovny in the 1990s, many of us want to believe.
But that belief can take us down routes that are, shall we say, less than scientific. And while it might be exciting to believe those strange lights buzzing your house last night were UFOs, the truth is probably a lot simpler.

The Apollo 16 UFO
A Bit Of The Lunar Module

The Apollo 16 UFO tape was a six-second bit of footage that seemed to prove UFOs were visiting our moon. Shot on a jerky, hand-held camera, the film shows what looks eerily like Hollywood’s idea of a flying saucer hovering near the lunar module. Today, it’s trumpeted by sections of the UFO community as a verified sighting, despite NASA debunking it years ago.

When experts extracted still frames from the footage for analysis, they realized that the UFO appeared to have a metal pole protruding from it, one almost as big as the ship itself. Seen at normal speed, the pole was hidden in shadow, but on the still image, it was clear as day. And it appeared to be attached to the lunar module.

The UFO was nothing more than the module’s own external floodlight, with a few dramatic shadows conspiring to make it look mysterious. The only aliens the footage showed visiting the moon were, well, us.

The Taliban UFO
A CGI Hoax

Early in 2014, a video was uploaded to YouTube from the Asadabad district of Afghanistan. Filmed by Marines, it appeared to show a floating, triangular object attacking a Taliban camp with some sort of impossible space weapon. Across the world, people went wild. The Daily Mail ran a serious analysis claiming the object could be from another world. The Huffington Post couldn’t decide if it was a UFO or a new type of super-drone. Was this final proof of alien existence?

You can probably guess the answer. Instead of a UFO or even a drone, the object turned out to be a CGI light show designed by YouTube user Section 51. At some point, he or she had found a genuine video of a Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) destroying a bomb factory in the Middle East and decided it needed more aliens. Even as news sites were taking the video at face value, online conspiracy factory Infowars was actually debunking it.

The Ancient Astronaut Theory
Dreamed up by H.P. Lovecraft

We’ve told you before about the ancient astronaut theory—the idea that aliens visiting Earth in the distant past were mistaken for gods. The theory has been popular ever since Erich von Daniken published his 1968 book Chariots of the Gods, capturing the public imagination with a tale so incredible it could have been written by a master storyteller. And guess what? It was. According to a 2004 report in Skeptic magazine, all the main ingredients of von Daniken’s book were invented by H.P. Lovecraft.

Way back in 1921, Lovecraft penned his most famous story: The Call of Cthulhu. Featuring a hideous alien nightmare that comes to Earth in the distant past and is worshipped as a god, it sparked a craze among other pulp writers for inserting the character into their works. This cycle of alien-god stories became known as the Cthulhu Mythos. It was incredibly popular in France, where the editors of Planete magazine used it as basis for their book Morning of the Magicians, an allegedly non-fiction account of ancient aliens coming to Earth and being mistaken for gods. Von Daniken used this book as his major reference when writing his 1968 best seller.

The major jump-off point for the ancient astronaut theory wasn’t scientific or archaeological analysis but a collection of horror stories written only decades beforehand.

The Kentucky Goblin
Just A Big Owl

The Kelly–Kentucky incident is one of the most infamous in UFO lore. One night in 1955, a farmhouse in backwoods Kentucky found itself under siege by malevolent goblin creatures. Standing 100 centimeters tall (3’6″) with gigantic heads, pointed ears, and glowing eyes, the goblins surrounded the house—before retreating when the farmers unloaded at them with the sort of firepower only Kentucky rednecks can pack. Eventually, the inhabitants fled the farmhouse, convinced they’d witnessed an alien invasion.

In 2006, Skeptical Inquirer published an article that blew the theory out of the water. Aside from noting that the farmers in question were most likely drunk and that at least one of the witnesses was a publicity seeker, the article covered the existence of a real-life goblin-like creature in the area. It was a creature with a gigantic head, pointed ears, and eyes that can seem to glow at night—a creature known as the great horned owl. Instead of shooting aliens, the farmers had been blasting away at nothing more terrifying than a particularly territorial group of birds.

The UFO–Wind Turbine Crash
Mechanical Failure

In 2009, UK tabloid The Sun printed a story so incredible it made the world sit up and take notice. After a night in which strange lights were seen in the sky, residents of Lincolnshire awoke to find a 90-meter (300 ft) wind turbine had been smashed to pieces in the night, exactly as if a flying object had crashed into it at high velocity. For days, the story of the Lincolnshire UFO gripped the papers until it became apparent that there was a far more earthly explanation.

A day after the Sun headline, The Guardian revealed that the lights had been one of their own journalists setting off fireworks for a birthday celebration. Meanwhile, the company that owned the turbine did its own analysis and revealed that a bolt had simply come loose at high speed, causing the turbine to disintegrate. Admittedly, “UFO Hits Wind Turbine” makes for a more appealing tabloid headline than “Bolt Comes Loose.”

NASA’s ‘Mysterious Lights’
Nothing Mysterious

Ever since the early days of space flight, NASA has made a point of giving their astronauts video cameras. Over the decades, thousands of hours of awesome space footage have accumulated, large chunks of which apparently contain UFOs.

Known as NASA’s mysterious lights, the videos show strange lights orbiting various NASA craft in low Earth orbit. As an added slice of surrealism, the astronauts talk about them as if nothing weird is going on at all. For many, this is proof that aliens are in such regular contact with the US government that insiders have ceased to find them anything but ordinary.

At least, that’s the theory. According to the astronauts themselves, they act like these lights are normal because they are. In one famous case, the object UFO-ologists got excited about turned out to be nothing more than a government satellite catching the sunlight at an odd angle. Other lights were ice crystals propelled into space by a shuttle’s thrusters or even a distant star.

Sure, it could all be a cover-up, but as former astronaut Mario Runco wryly noted in 2009, “I’d want the credit. Mario Runco was the first person in history to conclusively document the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Why would I ever want to keep it secret?”

The Gray Aliens
Came From An Old TV Show

Thanks to media such as The X-Files, the most widely known type of aliens are The Grays. These creatures were first recorded way back in 1964 by supposed abductee Barney Hill. Under hypnosis, Hill recounted meeting a group of Grays during a journey in 1961, many years before pop culture would ever get wind of them. Since then, UFO-ologists have claimed his abduction as one of history’s first genuine encounters.

Although he was abducted in 1961, Barney Hill didn’t give a solid description of his captors until he was hypnotized on February 22, 1964. Thirty years later, a writer for Skeptical Inquirer realized that this was exactly 12 days after the Outer Limits episode “Bellero Shield” was broadcast, an episode that just happened to feature an alien almost identical to Barney Hill’s Gray. Even more interestingly, Barney claimed under hypnosis that the aliens communicated with him via their eyes, something that almost exactly mirrors a line of dialogue in “Bellero Shield.”

Rather than an encounter with extra-terrestrials, it seems that Barney’s subconscious was simply replaying fragments of whatever he’d been watching in the weeks before he was hypnotized.

The Nuremberg Battle
An Inaccurately Recorded Sun Dog

In 1561, the residents of Nuremberg awoke to an unusual sight. In the sky above the town, strange balls and rods the color of blood appeared to be battling it out, shooting each other out of the sky. The event was recorded by Hans Glaser in an infamous woodcut, which looks more or less exactly how you’d imagine a medieval space battle to look. Surely this is excellent evidence for alien visitation, right?

Nope. Woodcuts are very different from photographs. Rather than reporting the world as it was, they usually spiced things up with religious references or nods to the supernatural. In another of his woodcuts, Glaser drew medieval knights having a meeting in the sky, while other examples of the genre include things like glowing crosses, angry gods, and celestial bodies with grinning faces.

If you ignore the picture and focus only on the text of the woodcut, the battle sounds very much like someone describing a sun dog—a weird light effect caused by ice crystals reflecting the Sun in the upper atmosphere. Glaser simply added a bit more action, presumably in the hopes of selling a few more woodcuts.

The World War II Foo Fighters
Ball Lightning

During the dark days of World War II, pilots going on bombing runs over Europe reported seeing strange glowing balls streaking through the skies. Christened “foo fighters,” the objects were initially assumed to be a strange new Nazi weapon. Fast-forward to the present day, however, and they’re now considered to be one of the biggest mass UFO sightings in history.

On the other hand, they could be something infinitely more mundane. Ball lightning is a form a lightning that, as you might expect, appears as a small, glowing ball. It has previously been recorded on the wings of planes moving in excess of 400 kilometers (250 mi) per hour and moving back and forth across the sky at bizarre altitudes. It’s nearly a perfect match for descriptions of foo fighters from World War II.

The Washington Invasion
Drops Of Moisture

In 1952, Washington, D.C. became the only American city in history to be invaded by an alien fleet. On July 19, city air traffic controllers noticed a cluster of weird blips on their radar screens. When they contacted nearby planes to ask if they had seen anything unusual, one pilot responded that he’d seen six bright lights “streaking across the sky.” But this was only the beginning.

When the weird blips returned a week later, jets scrambled to intercept. The pilots reported glowing lights that flew away from them. The encounter made all the papers. After all, what could possibly jam up radar screens and escape from pilots except real UFOs?

How about temperature inversions? A layer of cold air trapped under a layer of warm air, temperature inversions are capable of some weird things—including turning up on radar screens. They can also create illusions, especially if there’s a handy layer of moisture trapped there to reflect ground lights back at unsuspecting pilots. And the conditions in Washington that summer just happened to be perfect for moisture-loaded temperature inversions. Sorry, believers.


11 words a second: The Fastest Talking Woman In The World

Fran Capo has held the Guinness World Record for the fastest-talking female for more than two decades. On average, she can spit out 11 words a second.

Capo, who’s from New York City (obviously), has recorded a new video to remind us all just how quickly she can spew out words. Watch here as she recites “The Three Little Pigs” in a breezy 15 seconds, but let us warn you: this will stress you out in a major way. Be sure to take plenty of deep breaths.

 Actually Fran broke this record twice, the first time on the Larry King Live Show on March 5th, 1986 speaking 585 wpm and the second time at the Guinness Museum in Vegas speaking 603.32 words in 54.2 seconds.

Fran Capo has appeared on over 250 TV shows including; Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Inside Edition, ET, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, More than Human and Nick at Nite’s - Hi Jinx. She’s been heard on over 1000 radio shows including Howard Stern. She came from her upstate New York home to promote an contest for fast-talkers with a prize trip to Vegas, spiritual home of fast-talkers.

Fran Capo has been doing adventures since an early age. As an adventurer Fran has bungee jumped, swam with sharks, flown combat aircraft, driven race cars, crawled in a polar bear den, slept in an ice hotel, climbed Kilimanjaro and dove to the wreck site of the Titanic.

She has written several articles on her adventures, journals them in her weekly blogs, and has authored the book “Adrenaline Adventures: Dream it, Read it, Do it!” which not only chronicles 50 of her adventures, but tells the reader where they can go out an do it themselves.

  She likes to say she's 37, with a 19-year old son, was divorced when he was 4 months old, married again but "it lasted three months it was just lust." Fran also has done book signings at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and at the Titanic! World Record Academy recognized these records as "Highest altitude book signing" and "Deepest Sea book signing".


Crazy fishing scenes In Africa, or How to Catch All the Fish in a Lake in 15 Minutes

This is fishing like you have never seen before. The Antogo fishing ritual is an annual occurrence in Northern Mali that makes for incredible viewing.
Just beneath the village of Bamba, in the Northern part of Dogon country in Mali, lies a small, yet sacred lake, where fishing is permitted only once a year – during the unique ritual called Antogo.

In the past, Bamba is said to have been covered in lush green forests. The lake, which is considered to be sacred and populated with good spirits, used to offer tons of fish that contributed to local food requirements. But with changes in climate, desertification, and the passage of time, the region gradually became dry, infertile and inhospitable.

The locals now face huge problems such as unavailability of water, but the lake still represents a precious resource to the local Dogons, but one which they exhaust every year during Antogo. The event is held on the 6th month of the dry season, generally in May, but the exact date is fixed each year by the council of wise men. Saturdays are market days in Bamba, and for the first three market days of the month wooden sticks are placed in the middle of the lake, acting as a signal, a warning that the ritual is getting closer.

On the day that is finally designated as the day of Antogo, hundreds gather from all parts of Mali around Bamba’s lake. The 3 biggest groups are formed by the most respected and ancient families of various Dogon villages. The group from Bamba itself is usually the largest. These groups of people maintain a collective mystical silence, except for the wise who recite incantations and praise deities. When they are done speaking, the ritual itself – and all the magic associated with it – begins.

The event is held on the 6th month of the dry season, generally in May, but the exact date is fixed each year by the council of wise men. The people of the Dogon rush the sacred Antogo Lake in Mali, where fishing is only permitted once in the year.

The ritual is strongly based on ancestor worship, and along with other rituals in Dogon culture, and women are prohibited from participating. Though legend has it that that a young woman discovered the lake and its miraculous fish, starting the chain of ritual fishing in the desert pool. Regardless, they are omitted from the frenzy. Below is a clip of what can be expected on the big day and one thing is for sure, you need to be quick off the mark in this company.


Amazing Video: Elephants in Israel shield young during air raid

At Ramat Gan Safari, endangered animals react with cries to blaring sirens. Protective move is in stark contrast to Hamas using citizens as human shields.
While Israelis in the Tel Aviv area have been running for cover and crouching on the sides of highways when alarm sirens blared in recent days to warn of incoming rockets, the animals in Israel’s zoos had nowhere to go.

In a stark contrast to the inhumanness of Hamas using citizens as human shields in the Middle East conflict with Israel, elephants in Israel were seen huddling around their young ones to protect them during an air raid Wednesday at a safari park.

The Ramat Gan Safari, located in the Tel Aviv District, has the largest collection of wildlife in human care in the Middle East, and features a drive-through African safari and modern zoo on 250 acres. Israel’s Operation Protective Edge and the conflict with Hamas and Palestinian terrorist groups clearly have the animals on edge.


The largest movable machine in the world

Behold the largest movable machine in the world: The Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60 is more than half a kilometer long. At 1647 feet long and 13,600 tons, it's much larger than the Empire State Building, a Nimitz-class super carrier or the Bagger 288, the previous record holder.

Used to carry brown coal in the open mines of Lusatia, Germany, the F60 is an amazing 1647 feet (502 meters) x 262 feet (80 meters) x 787 feet (240 meter) and 13,600 tons. The Bagger is 288 is 721 x 315 x 151 feet and 13,500 tons.


A-Z of African dances

Of course, this is NOT an exhaustive list of all african dances. This is new africa! Enjoy & share the revolution.


Awesome turning Body Paint into a tarantula

First off – it’s not a tarantula. What you’re looking at (and what’s looking at you) started out as an idea two years ago, an idea which examined the threads of human and animal evolution – where we are and what comes next.
It was, says conceptual body artist Emma Fay, something she’d been itching to try and explore in paint. It all fell into place with a move to a larger studio in South Wigston earlier this year and when Emma enlisted fellow colleagues in the Enter Edem creative team, the project was able to proceed.

Emma drafted in contortionists Lowri Thomas and Beth Sykes, and then photographer Jonathan Macauley, and for the next six hours she very, very carefully painted a giraffe onto bendy Beth.

A photograph of Emma’s astonishing quadruped went viral after ending up, quite bizarrely, on the Facebook page of Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal. That was three and a bit weeks ago.


Amazing Rainbow Ghosts Show How Wi-Fi Signals Are Shaped

Luis Hernan is like a modern day ghost hunter. Only instead of searching for lost souls, he’s looking for the technological apparitions that surround us every day.

In Digital Ethereal, Hernan, a PhD student at Newcastle University’s School of Architecture, has been investigating the invisible wireless infrastructures in order to glean a better understanding about how these wireless systems are designed and how we interact with them.

Digital Ethereal is part art, part industrial design and part technological inquiry. He began by designing a gadget called the Kirlian Device, named after Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, a 20th century scientist who developed the Kirlian photography technique.

This technique, which visualizes electrical coronal discharges, has been used for various scientific purposes, but it’s most commonly associated with paranormal activities like reading auras.


The Coolest Way To Get Around Town! – Man Rides The Tram Tracks On A Modified Pallet

This guy in Bratislava, Slovakia, realised that with a few modifications, a shipping pallet was the perfect width to ride the tram tracks around town. Nailed it!


Evolution of Cheerleading (1920 - 2014)



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