Impatient Cat Waiting on Food

This automatic food dispenser was supposed to help alleviate some of the cat's anxiety about meal time, but as you can see, it hasn't exactly helped the cat relax much yet.


Talking Husky Puppy

This cute talking husky puppy teaches you how to speak adorable. What do you think this cute husky dog is saying?


Amazing Dance Battles

This Gravity Defying Gymnastics Showdown – UDEF Holds Epic Competition To Raise Awareness About Heart Disease!

Dance battle in Chicago to raise awareness about heart disease, sponsored by UDEF. I thought this was supposed to be a dance battle, all I saw was a wild gymnastics showdown. I used to wiggle around on the floor like that when I was a hyperactive child. Still do sometimes when my mother doesn’t cook me dinner.


Blind Man Vs The Police Prank

“He’s Not Blind, He’s An Idiot!” – Dude Has Done So Many Public Pranks The Cops Know Him By Name!

This guy got so famous by his pranks that he can’t even impersonate a blind person without the cops noticing and giving him flak. How dare those community support officers hassle a blind man like that!


The Freezing Homeless Child Experiment

How good was it to see that homeless guy at the end, huh? He might not have a place himself, but he’s got plenty of room in his heart. What a dude! He truly deserves his reward!


These Famous Photos Are No Hoax! Is this the BIGGEST catfish ever caught by man?

120kg Monster Cannibal Catfish, Which Looks Large Enough To Swallow A Man Whole, Has Been Caught In Italy!

A fisherman in Italy has caught a giant cannibalistic fish weighing in at a hefty 120kg. Dino Ferrari hooked the Wels catfish, measuring 2.7m in length, last week in the Po Delta in northern Italy. It’s so huge it could be the biggest catfish ever caught with a rod and reel. Wels catfish can grow as long as 4m and weigh up to 390kg, although it is extremely rare to catch one over two metres long. They are known to even eat pigeons who have strayed too close, and can live up to 80 years old.


Chill Session Of The Day!

                Zone Out Into This Awesome Gotham City Time Lapse, A Time Lapse Gotham Deserves!

Filmmaker Toby Harriman created his own visual black and white style time lapse which he dubbed ‘Gotham’, and used it to make this cool video of San Francisco. Enjoy!


Muse’s ‘Hysteria’ 2Cellos duo go straight hammer

2Cellos Remade The Muse Song ‘Hysteria’ From Inside A Mental Asylum Because Why The F*ck Not Right!?

The 2Cellos duo go straight hammer on their own rendition of Muse’s ‘Hysteria’, doing it all in a mental asylum for the full effect!


Street Master Hypnotist Mr P and Mr X

Master Street Hypnotist Uses His Toddler Son To Make A Girl Fall Asleep Then Sit On His Knee! – Is This For Real?

               Hypnotist Mr P got the help of his son to hypnotise a girl in a shopping centre. Do you believe?


Biggest ATV in the world goes through our pit

We’ve Seen Some Pretty Insane Redneck Builds Over The Years, But This Super Lifted ATV Attacking A Deep Water Pit Is Up There With The Best Of Them!

Check out the footage of this awesome machine and tell us what you think of the creation. It might look strange, but from a functionality perspective, this build is on point!


Shredding Gnar With Guitar

As Rare As A Double Rainbow, But With More Shred! – Watch This Major Bro Shred The Gnar While He Shreds Guitar!

Canadian Chris Hau combines his two favourite passions, shredding a wake and shredding guitar. I can’t do either of these things. My life has officially been wasted.


Meanwhile In Dubai... Jackpot!

Traffic Stops As Baffled Pedestrians Scramble The Streets Of Dubai As Nearly $800,000 Mysteriously Falls From The Sky!

Dubai might be one of the richest cities in the world, but this photo proves that even its citizens can’t resist the allure of free cash. Pedestrians rushed into the road as hundreds of thousands of dollars rained from the sky, after being carried by strong winds. Although locals have no idea where the cash came from, pedestrians could be seen dodging traffic as they scrambled to picking up the 500 UAE Dirham notes – worth roughly $175 AUD each.


Meanwhile On Nope Street…

Man Lives In A Spider infested Apartment – Nuke That F**ken Place From Orbit, It’s The Only Way To Be Sure!

Insurance man: So why did your house burn down? You: Because it was over run with hundreds of spiders. Insurance man: Surely that wasn’t worth burning it down? *watches video* Insurance man: Claim Approved!


Hungry Cat Vs Snow

This hilarious video shows the moment a hungry moggy would not let anything get in the way of his dinner. Plume the cat bursts through a wall of snow after his owner put a dish of his favourite grub out and calls the famishing feline.


Stadium Series webcam surprise visitor

A surprise visitor stops by the 2015 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series webcam during the rink build at Levi's Stadium. Video courtesy of San Francisco 49ers.


Meanwhile Off The Coast Of Hawaii… Catch Of The Day

Teenager Kai Rizzuto Reels In A Monster Sized, 1,000-Pound Blue Marlin For Our Catch Of The Day!

During a moment that would have made famed marlin hunter Ernest Hemingway jealous, a Brooklyn teenager hauled in the year’s biggest blue marlin off the coast of Kona, Hawaii. The fish 16-year-old Kai Rizzuto caught weighs 1,058lbs and measures 11 feet from tip to tail. Rizzuto said: ‘I’ll tell you it was the hardest 30 minutes I’ve ever fought a fish. ‘When I saw that fish at the end of line I was just thinking, don’t break off. Do not break off.’ When the fish was finally hauled in, it barely fit on the boat.

Ihu Nui Grander • Feb 18, 2015 from Farish Media on Vimeo.


Meanwhile In France...

Watch French Weather Journalist Fanny Agostini Get Drilled By An Impressive Rogue Wave In St Malo As She Reports On The Tide Of The Century!

Fanny Agostini, weather specialist for Antenna BFM TV has been the victim of an impressive rogue wave at St Malo. The reason: the beginning of spring tides. A foretaste of what awaits the coast during the “tide of the century”. This rare phenomenon promises to be spectacular, a rising sea of ​​more than 14 meters, advancing faster than a running man!


The Proper Way To Remove Snow From Your Car

Man Demonstrates How To Remove Snow Covering His Car With The Help Of Lil’ Jon, Sacrificing His Son’s Eardrums In The Process!

This guy spent all his money on a sound system, but it was a good investment because it doesn’t just pump out music at ridiculous levels, it cleans the snow off his car too!


Sport Of Cockfighting

30 Million Roosters Killed A Year – In The Philippines, The Sport Of Cockfighting Has Been Transformed Into A Legal, Billion Dollar Industry!

In the Philippines, the 6,000 year-old sport of cockfighting has been transformed into a fully-legal, billion dollar industry. Known locally as Sabong, it takes place in 2,500 dedicated stadiums across the country and kills an estimated 30 million roosters each year. A few months back, VICE Australia hit the cockpits and hatcheries of Manila. There we met the breeders, trainers, and philosophers who help make Sabong the Philippines’s national obsession.


Russian guy has his own pet bear

                                 Funny clip from Crazy Russia. This was true, Russians do have pet bears


Rocket Powered Snowboard

The Rocket Powered Snowboard We’ve All Been Waiting For Is Here…But Is This The Real Deal, Or A Cheeky Hoax? What Do You Think?

One of the sh*ttiest things about snowboarding are flats. These are the bit of the mountain where the slope isn’t steep enough to actually move. As if that’s not bad enough, one of the only ways of getting around them is accepting a tow off a smug looking skier. Presumably, sick of this all-too-regular occurrence, these guys tried to add a little less gravity-based propulsion to their boards. The strapped a pair of rockets to the back of their twin-tip and let rip.


Best Fainting News Bloopers EVER

F*ck This World, I’m Going To Dream Land! – People Go Night-Night On Live TV In This Fainting Compilation!

Like that nightmare where you realise you are at school without any pants on, these people wake up to find out they are on live tv, except this is no nightmare!


Meanwhile In Lebanon… Puffer Fish Bite Pepsi Can

Fish Caught In Lebanon Has Razor Sharp Teeth, Bites Through An Aluminium Can Like A Tool Out Of The Flintstones!

A Lebanese fishermen caught a fish with an insane set of chompers, strong enough to slice through a pepsi can with ease!


Neighbor's Bra Retrieval Mission Is A Success (WATCH)

                              When a bra falls on your neighbors patio pulling it by a string is a good solution.


TV broadcast nuclear bomb prank hoax

Just kidding: An art collective hacked into a weather report on Czech TV to broadcast this footage of a fake atomic explosion.

PRAGUE — One Sunday, several months ago, early risers gazing at Czech Television’s CT2 channel saw picturesque panoramas of the Czech countryside, broadcast to the wordless accompaniment of elevator music. It was the usual narcoleptic morning weather show.

Then came the nuclear blast. Across the Krkonose Mountains, or so it appeared, a white flash was followed by the spectacle of a rising mushroom cloud.


Russian Ridiculousness!

Man Tests Out A Bomb Proof Helmet By Getting Shot With In The Head With A Revolver!

Always good for an internet video, Russia is back today to show us the worst way to see if a bomb proof helmet lives up to its name. Obviously it wouldn’t have mattered is the bullet went through, because his Russian skull would have stopped the bullet anyway.


It Only Takes 6 Seconds To Melt Your Brain

Zach King, Aka ‘The Final Cut King’ Will Mesmerise You With His Vine Hocus Pocus!

Vine star and filmmaker Zach King may not perform magic in the traditional sense, but his expertly-edited six-second videos could put David Blaine to shame.


Hungry bear and Russian

How To Dispose Of A Dead Body – Lunatic Russian Man Feeds An Enormous Bear Through His Kitchen Window, Makes Friends With The Furry Death Machine!

In Russia, bears aren’t considered to be dangerous wild animals, it’s the Russians that are the dangerous ones. This bear was just brave enough to approach them.


Dog Shows Up at Hospital Where Owner Is Battling Cancer [AMAZING]

Dog Sneaks Into Hospital to Visit Cancer-Stricken Owner Dog Shows Up at Hospital Where Owner Is Battling Cancer Mercy Hospital Cedar Rapids.

 Call it coincidence or love, but a miniature Schnauzer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ended up at the hospital where her owner is battling cancer -- even though the dog was originally 20 blocks away at home. A surveillance camera in the hospital lobby caught the dog entering through the automatic doors and wandering around.

The dog, named Sissy, belongs to Nancy Franck, 64, who has been at Mercy Medical Center for about two weeks following surgery. Her husband, Dale Franck, 66, had been taking care of Sissy and her brother Barney, also a miniature Schnauzer, back home.

“She was on a mission that night to see her mom," Dale Franck told ABC News today, "but she couldn't find the right elevator to take."
He said he noticed Sissy was missing around 1:30 a.m. this past Saturday, and he was worried sick.

"I kept checking everywhere, calling out, 'Sissy! Sissy!'" he recalled. "I was pulling my hair out.


2015 Sprite Slam-Dunk Contest

19-Year-Old NBA Player Recreated The Mind-Blowing Dunk From ‘Space Jam’ To Win The 2015 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest!

None of this years dunk contest entrants could stand a chance against 19-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine’s homage to a classic big-screen sports moment. Stepping onto the court in a #23 Michael Jordan Tune Squad jersey from the movie ‘Space Jam,’ LaVine proceeded to blow away the competition by recreating the film’s seminal slam dunk.


An Easy Magic Trick to Blow the Mind

A tutorial of how to do very easy and cool magic trick.


“That’s Totally Out Of Order!” - Dad's reaction to racers

Dad Reacts To A Blur Of Road Bikes Flying Passed At Eye-Watering Speeds At The Isle Of Man TT Race!

During his first time going to the TT, this dad watch up and close as the bikes flew down Bray Hill at astounding speeds, and making a hell of a sound as they passed. Put watching this race on your bucket list!


Watch This Guy Break Through A Frozen River To Save His Dog

Watch The Incredible Moment A Brave And Loyal Man F**ken Steam Trains His Way Through A Frozen River To Save His Dying Dog!

Dude is using his elbows like a god damn ice pick and it’s hurting him enough to pause and he pushes through. F**ken good man. I bet that dog is badass too. For those of you who have never experienced freezing cold water, it feels like daggers impaling every part of your skin. I can only imagine how numb his body was after breaking through all that ice. This dude is a f**ken hero.


Tough Guy racer gets hypothermia

Winter Tough Guy Is A Notoriously Brutal Race That Can Quickly Descend Into Carnage – Watch 3 Time Champion James Appleton, Find Himself In A Dangerous State Of Hypothermia!

Tough Guy racing is a brutal sport that puts the human body through the ringer. Some of the toughest and most athletic people in the world sacrifice their body to the harsh conditions in hopes of earning the bragging rights of a true “Tough Guy.” For James Appleton, a three-time champion, this 2015 event got the best of him as hypothermia set in by the time his test was through.


There Is No Such Thing As A Quiet Drink In Russia!

Bar Tender Hits Man With A Shovel And A Keg As He Slams Drinks!

Because the alcohol isn’t causing brain damage fast enough, this guy ordered a series of shots that include getting whacked in the head with progressively bigger items. Could you handle this style of drinking?


Meanwhile In Turkey... Sneaking in some beer

Turkish Smuggler Is Like A Human Clown Car For Beers, Was Planning On Crawling Out Of The Football Stadium 24 Drinks Later!

This Turkish sports fan armed with a beer vest and 24 beers tried to sneak into a football stadium unnoticed so he could get paralytic on the cheap while he watched the game. He didn’t get very far, but I we still applaud his efforts!


The Vape King!

Man Uses A 400 Watt Smoke Machine Filled With Nicotine Liquid To Make The World’s Biggest E-Cigarette!

When you really want to punish your lungs, but normal cigarettes seems too unhealthy, this guy had the idea to vape using a smoke machine. I think he’s had enough nicotine for all of us!


Keanu Reeves Being a Classy Guy (NYC Subway)

Like A Gentleman! – Keanu Reeves Caught On Camera being The Classiest Motherf*cker Out On The NYC Subway!

You are about to remember how much you like Keanu Reeves, and I predict video rentals of ‘Speed’ is about to skyrocket. Watch this gentleman in action!


This Is How Laws Are Decided On In The Ukraine!

Politicians Fist Fight Over A Corruption Bill In Parliament!

A fight broke out on Thursday in the Ukrainian parliament between two lawmakers who argued over a bill on land restitution to local communities. After punching one another in the face, Ivchenko’s nose was broken and Sobolev had his lip split.


Dog-torturing boyfriend BUSTED by hidden camera

Woman Sets Up Hidden Cameras After She Noticed Her Dogs Were Always Injured, Discovers Her C*nt Boyfriend Is The One Beating Them, Calls Off Wedding Immediately!

A Brazilian woman noticed her two dogs were constantly injured. So she decided to put a hidden camera in her apartment and found out it was her boyfriend brutally hitting her dogs for no reason at all besides the fact that he is a psychotic piece of sh*t. She canceled their planned marriage immediately and called the police. How would you punish this man? Tell us in the comment section now!


Watch This Man Shoot With Both Hands Flawlessly!

                                     Chinese Dad Might Be The Best Baller In The Whole Damn Arcade!

Think of how many tickets this guy must have won. His house is probably filled with harmonicas and water pistols!


2015 Mustang and a beautiful professional stunt driver

Blind Dates Can Be Full Of Surprises, But Few Ever End With The Man Sh**ting His Pants – Watch This Sexy Stunt Driver Take Men On The Ride Of Their Lives!

Then, ask a bunch of unsuspecting guys to meet her on a blind date they’ll never see coming. Welcome to Mustang Speed Dating.


Amazing Google Owned Robot

Maker Boston Dynamics Adds Another Creepy And Kickable Member To Its Family Of Fearsome Robotic Quadrupeds!

For walking robots that are expected to tackle rough terrain, or strong wind gusts, the ability to keep from keeling over is an attractive quality. The 160-pound/72.5kg robot can jog along with its minder, and clamber up a slope and down with the grace of a mountain goat. It doesn’t look like it would be able to carry as much gear and equipment as Big Dog, which is why the quadruped was originally built. But that’s probably because Boston Dynamics has built it for different purposes, like search and rescue or scouting, instead of just back-breaking labor.


'Ancient Flying Saucer' Found in Russia [Siberia Feb 2015]

Ancient Drone Found 40 meters Below Ground
Look at this cool disk that was discovered this week in Siberia. Without an analysis of its material, we are left wanting. This object does resemble an alien drone, a small disk that is sent out to monitor an area, but lighting can bring one down. I have never seen one this old before. Also it could be a dropa disk. An ancient stone disk with alien information about their culture and life stored in the disk. Such dropa disks were confiscated by the Chinese Government and hidden from view. This disk needs to be tested, not just for what its made from, but for any data that could be stored in it.

Do these intriguing images show a UFO that fell to Planet Earth from outer space thousands of years ago, embedding itself deep in the ground? The bizarre flying saucer-shaped object was dug up during excavation work by a coal mining company in Siberia's Kuznetsk Basin, Russia. Archaeologists, were called in to examine the 'craft', which the excavators believe is a man-made object, describing it as a "mystery". However, sky-watchers are convinced itThe unusual object is almost perfectly circular, with a diameter of around 1.2 meters and weighing roughly 440lbs - that's 31 stone. Excavator Boris Glazkov, 40, who found the object, said: "I have to say it wasn't hard to see as it was really distinctive and large. "I've never seen anything like this object, which is obviously man-made out, here in the middle of nowhere before. It is a real mystery."


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