Meanwhile In Nepal... Rhino Chases Motorcycle Down The Street

Runaway Rhino Kills Woman And Leaves Six Seriously Injured After Escaping From Wildlife Reserve And Rampaging Through Town In Nepal!

A woman died and six people were injured after a rhinoceros escaped from a wildlife reserve and rampaged through a town. The 61-year-old was gored by the animal as it chased down startled pedestrians and rammed vehicles in Makwanpur, Nepal. Footage shows the rhino hurtling down narrow residential streets after motorbikes as residents fled to top-floor balconies for safety.


Meanwhile In Russia...

What Is This Guy Doing With That Car Tyre? Helping His Mate Tow His Car Russian Style Of Course!

In Russia, a man does not simply call a tow truck when he has broken down, he calls his friend with a spare tyre and asks for a push. Apparently you can make the laws up as you go over there!


Teen drivers

Teenagers With Short Attention Spans Are The Worst At Driving! – Check Out This Collection Of Teenagers Crashing Cars!

Unprecedented video analysis finds that distraction was a factor in nearly 6 out of 10 moderate-to-severe teen crashes. Watch as these teens crash while texting, putting on makeup and eating!


Nothing can break this Shaolin kungfu master [Crazy Video]

An Iron Bar, Steel Spears And Even An Electric Drill Couldn’t Break Through The Skin Of Zhao Rui, A Psycho Kung Fu Shaolin Monk!

While it may look like a particularly gruesome DIY lobotomy, this Shaolin monk in Chinais showing how he has trained his body to withstand incredibly sharp objects. In a series of stunts that should most certainly not be tried at home, Zhao Rui held a running electric drill to the side of his head without breaking the skin, bent an iron bar against a wall with his throat, and lay on metal spears while breaking stones with his head.


Daredevil Roasts Marshmallows Over A Volcano

Dude Drinks Beer And Roasts Marshmallows Over Volcano Lava Lake Reaching Temperatures Of More Than 1000°C, Becomes Master Of Nature!

Would you climb into a pit of fire to get a perfectly roasted marshmallow? Climber and volcano expert Simon Turner is making waves as the star of a new viral video in which he sits calmly at the edge of an active lava lake roasting a marshmallow and drinking a cold beer while wearing flip flops. “It was an amazing experience, incredible, like being on Mars,” Turner said.


Meanwhile In Russia... Carnage In The Streets!

                         Russian Dash-Cam Videos Shows Us Why You Should Always Wear A Seatbelt!

This video is so intense I snapped both the armrests off my chair and popped a vein in my skull. Make sure you wear a seatbelt!


“Cause I’m A Man!”... children's reactions

          Young Boys React When They Meet A Pretty Girl For The First Time, And Are Told To Slap Her!

What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? Here is how children react to the subject of violence against women.


10 Tuned Cars That Will Make Your Ears Bleed

RIP Headphone Users, Your Ears May Bleed – Watch This Epic Collection Of Turbo Weapons With Anti Lag Systems As They Blast Friendly Fire Out Their Exhausts!

An anti-lag system (ALS) or misfiring system is a system used on turbocharged engines to minimize turbo lag on racing cars. It works by arranging for fuel and air to be in the exhaust duct after the engine, and before the turbocharger. This ignites in the hot ducting and the combustion process that occurs there keeps the turbocharger spinning when the engine is not delivering enough exhaust gas. Which of these beasts made your ears bleed the most?


I Don’t Want A Drone Anymore – Eagle with Sony Action Cam

Majestic Eagle Captures Incredible Footage Of Dubai While Soaring From The World’s Tallest Tower With A Camera Attached To Its Back!

A bird’s stunning flight from the tallest building in the world was captured on video thanks to a small camera attached to the eagle’s back. The bird’s-eye view was recorded when Darshan the eagle flew from the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, swooping 2,722 feet down to his trainer on the ground. It was the highest recorded bird flight from a man-made structure ever, and was broadcast live on BBC News.


Meanwhile In Santa Monica… Drunk guy tries to skate home from the bar

Drunk Guy Tries To Skateboard Home, And It Turns Into The Most Incredible 14-Second Drama You’ll Ever See!

Every now and then, a magical video comes along that makes you say, before you even see the title, “Oh. This isn’t going to end well.” Everyone, meet Drunk Guy Riding a Skateboard. Drunk Guy, meet the Internet. Let’s have some fun.


Ozzy the Weasel in: No Gaming For You

Bitey Little F**ker Isn’t He! – Adorable Weasel Named Ozzy Is Vicious, Tries To Gnaw Off Owner’s Finger Whenever He Tries To Work!

Things I didn’t expect to do today: Watch an entire video of a dude silently playing with his weasel. I don’t know anything about weasels but this thing acts exactly how I would expect one to act based on the name. Very weasely. Somebody give him a miniature sword and some armour.


Sudanese worker destroys sponsor's car due to delay in workers' salaries

                                                  A result of injustice regarding a delay in workers' salaries.


Bear vs. Hay Bale

Awesome Brown Bear In Alaska Plays With A Hay Bale Like A Cat That Could Tear Your Face Off!

Hugo, who was found as a cub in 2000, lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. She was covered in porcupine quills when she was found, but life seems to have improved!


Meanwhile in Russia... "Stop a Douchebag"

“You’re Gonna F**ken Die” – The Stop A Douchebag Crew Are Back Trying To Stamp Out A**hole Drivers From Double Parking in St. Petersburg!

The team from “Stop a D-Bag” movement returns with a new video in which its young members are embarking into a difficult (and dangerous task). They are trying to convince drivers of double-parked cars in St. Petersburg to go and look for a proper parking spots. While the video camera convinced some drivers to move their cars, many of them refused to do so, prompting the vigilantes to place their very unpopular sticker on the cars’ windshields. Needless to say, some drivers went completely nuts because of that and started a fight with the young folks.


UFO Recorded In 4K Over Silicon Valley [California On March, 2015]

This footage was taken by a drone with 4K video. 4K video is often set at 60 frames per second, but I found that this video was not fast enough to catch this UFO. Instead this UFO jumped from location to location. No bug or bird on earth can fly that fast! This thing is moving close to a mile in 3-4 seconds. Thats fast. There are no wings, but it looks like its flapping far away, when actually its rocking side to side as it flies. I didn't see any wings on this craft. It looks grey metallic in the screenshots I took and its shooting very close to the drone on purpose. You see, there are some alien drones that investigate everything, but the things that fly are what really attract its attention. Flying tech is worth seeking and scanning to see the current level of technology and see how we use it. Original video here. Video only allowed to be viewed on Youtube. Another close up copy of it is below.

I use to live in Silicon Valley in 1st grade, where I discovered the face at Cydonia Mars 37 years ago, and often watched the radar planes fly over my apartments. Moffett Field which is used by the US Navy, then taken over by NASA Ames Research. This UFO is in a highly serious air space. However I believe this drone is not from space, but from earth and made by aliens in Silicon Valley that help us by upping our technology...thus raising the level of awareness of humanity. The drone my be a watch system for know, an early warning system in case they were discovered. The US Govt doesn't appreciate such assistance, unless they work for the US Govt, thus may send people to capture them.


Poking a phone battery with a knife results in explosion

Everyone Is Walking Around With A Bomb In Their Pocket! – Man Pokes A Phone Battery With A Knife, The Damn Thing Violently Bursts Into Flames!

If someone tried to stab you, but the knife hits your phone before it can pierce your flesh, you might count yourself lucky. This is, until it explodes and sets you on fire!


Meanwhile At Myakka Pines Golf Club…

Massive Alligator Photographed On Florida Golf Course Goes Viral, Has Some People Arguing That It’s Fake!

Golfers trying to approach the green at hole No. 7 at Myakka Pines Golf Club were delayed by a massive alligator that wandered out of the water and relaxed just a few feet from the flagpole. The club was apparently once home to an even larger alligator named “Big George.”


The Most Emotional Surprise of the Year

Hearing Impaired Man Cried His Eyes Out When His Entire Neighbourhood Surprises Him By Learning Sign Language!

People in Istanbul got together to secretly learn sign language to surprise a hearing-impaired man. The man’s sister teamed up with a production crew as part of a Samsung ad campaign and crews spent a month setting up cameras around his neighbourhood.


Amazing Parkour in Gaza Strip

The Parkour Guide To Gaza – Join Abdallah AlQassab And Crew As Somersault And Leap Their Way Around The The Dangerous Ruined City!

In response to graffiti artist Banksy’s ‘Make this the Year You Discover a New Destination’ Gaza tourist video, the territory’s parkour team show us what real life is like there and their dreams beyond the border. To the sounds of Palestine’s biggest female hip-hop artist, Shadia Mansour, join Abdallah AlQassab and the rest of the free-running team as they flip, somersault and leap their way round the ruined city.


Chill Session of The Day!

                Get Lost In The Epic Scenery In Austria Through This Cleverly Made Time-Lapse Video!

In the heart of Europe lies Austria, with a spectacular combination of cultural and natural attractions. Sit back and check out awesome time-lapse, and the get fired up to climb one of those snowy mountains because that’s what real men do!


"That's a Shack!": Low Level Canyon Flying Dogfights!

Spectacular Footage Of U.S. Navy Air Squadron VFA-27 ‘Royal Maces’ And Their F/A-18E Super Hornet Fighter Jets In Action!

Climb aboard an F/A-18E Super Hornet with the U.S. Navy’s Strike-Fighter Squadron 27 (VFA-27) “Royal Maces”. Based at Naval Air Facility Atsugi, in Japan, VFA-27 is part of Carrier Air Wing 5 and is attached to the USS George Washington (CVN-73). This footage is just a teaser for this year’s full-length cruise video dubbed “That’s a Shack!” but it contains some incredible stuff, including the AGM-154 JSOW delivery as seen from the ATFLIR pod, low level flying in the canyons, dogfights and flight deck operations.


Top NBA Mascots

Top NBA Mascots Make Over $200,000 A Year – Benny The Bull, The Chicago Bull’s Team Mascot Is Arguably One Of The Most Notorious Furry Characters To Ever Exist!

Benny the Bull may have one of the best jobs in the world. Whether its spilling popcorn on fans, dancing with the referees, or draining half court shots, Benny is always putting on a show. And who knew who how good he was at making signs?! In all seriousness, Benny has got some moves, this guy can dance, spin, twirl, and everything else in between. Who’s your favorite mascot in all of sports? Let us know in the comments now!


Amazing Bank Robbery Prank

                                              How Would You React If You Saw This In The Street!

The internets most creative prankster is back with a classic bank robbery prank, buying stockings for his mask and hitchhiking to the job!


Casual Crime In Russia!

Man Opens An ATM With A Crowbar And Takes The Money In Front Of People, Giving Zero F*cks!

This guy decided today was his lucky day and hit the jackpot with the help of a crowbar. What would you spend the money on?


Amazing Harlem Shake On Board


UFO Shoots Past Window Behind News Show On Live TV In Argentina (Feb 2015)

This UFO was seen crossing the News Chanel in Argentina last week. The digital eye of the camera is far superior to the human eye, and best of all we get replay and slow motion. This is not the first UFO caught on a news show. I once noticed a similar UFO on a news show (video at bottom). The one I caught show up on Russia Today News in London. To me this new video does look real and I know that such a situation is possible, because I have lived it back in June of 2013 when I recorded a similar instance. This is real and a lucky catch.

Below is the UFO recorded from 2013, which soon went viral. 


The World's Most Dangerous Selfie

                  After taking a selfie with a group of hungry, rabid polar bears, this girl is lucky to be alive.


America's Most Violent City

In America’s Most Violent City, You’re Free To Carry A Semi Automatic Weapon – Welcome To Michigan, Where Cops Aren’t The Only Ones Who Walk Around With Guns!

In a time when the police shoot 12-year-olds on sight for carrying fake guns, it’s odd to see a line of locals leisurely strolling down the sidewalk armed with high-powered rifles. But in Michigan, cops aren’t the only ones who walk around with their firearms on display. If you are a legal gun owner over the age of 18, you can strap an AR-15 to your chest and go about your day as long as you are on foot—no permit required.


Grizzly Bear Battles 4 Wolves

Grizzly Bear Battles Four Wolves For A Meal In North America! – Who Do You Think Will End Up With An Empty Stomach!

The Grizzly Bears and Wolves have coexisted for millennia. They usually prefer to avoid each other. However, when food is low, these apex predators must compete for survival in the harsh wilderness of North America.


Meanwhile In Russia... Busted For Cigarette Smuggling

Maybe trying to smuggle cigarettes using a bunch of logs wasn't such a good idea.
Someone snitched ... how else could they have known?
Putin will take credit...


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