Awesome Animal Footprint Shoes

Outliers is an ongoing project by artist Maskull Lasserre where shoes are outfitted with specially carved rubber soles meant to mimic the footprints of moose, Kodiak bears, deer, rabbits and other animals.

 The shoes are then worn in the snow leaving the impression to unsuspecting passersby that wildlife has wandered into urban areas including Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, and New York.


UFO Shows Up On Russia Today News In London, England, June 13, 2013 [video]

It seems clear that the aliens are trying to make an effort to expose themselves gradually little by little as to not cause the public to panic.

 It also seems that this was done on purpose behind the RT News set so that they could get caught on camera. By my estimation, this craft is two and a half times the length of the average car, or 7-8 meters long. The UFOs thickness is the same on both its front, middle and back. Therefore it is impossible that this is a plane, missile or bird.

I made the video after Lou told me about it and posted it a few minutes later. Best viewed in full screen mode and in HD settings. I will also put the full video below my video. You will need to jump to 5:58 to see the UFO. 


The City After Dark: Cities from around the world with zero light pollution

Thierry Cohen Darkened Cities

Photo manipulation is usually considered a method of turning a scene of reality into something imaginary. 
When a photograph is altered, it loses the truth of the scene being depicted. One photographer does the opposite by combining two realities into one "super reality". 

Thierry Cohen shows viewers what cities would look like after dark in his series, "Darkened Cities".

                                                                                           New York City

Los Angeles


Rio de Janeiro


Sao Paulo

Hong Kong




Putin's Russia: Children behind the bars is meeting Santa Claus [pic]

Santa Claus came from Great Ustyug to Samara. It is just a gesture of some sort. Here's how the same can be explained?


It's a Lambo-turkey! Moment Christmas bird is roasted on the world's most expensive cooker... a $450,000 LAMBORGHINI [video]

There are cheaper ways to cook your Christmas feast this holiday season, though none have the high-octane impact of a flame-throwing Lamborghini. Don’t try this at home kids, unless you want to risk roasting a lot more than chestnuts this Christmas season.

We're not sure how Lambo-roasted turkey tastes. We're guessing not too good - though it's definitely cooler than anything your grandma is baking this holiday season.

Cooking a Christmas turkey has never been this fun!

A specially tuned Lamborghini Aventador by Oakley Design has been turned into a mobile turkey cooker, thanks to the enterprising ‘chefs’ at Shmee150 on YouTube.

Aside from the host's dubious choice of holiday sweater, the adventure gets 5-stars when it comes to amazing ways to cook large dead birds.
Though if you watch the video, the cooking process doesn’t appear to go exactly to plan.

This antler-wearing Lamborghini Aventador is about to be turned into the ultimate turkey roaster.

For starters, the host seems very wary of the flame-spitting exhaust (which is probably the one smart idea idea here). With each rev of the engine, he moves the impaled turkey away from the Lambo’s pipes just as they’re in full-bore turkey roasting mode.

Come on, whenever we cook poultry with car exhaust we always make certain to keep the bird right in the heat of the action. You have to admire the moxie of it all – even if the perfectly roasted finished turkey looks to be a ringer.


Girl's Security Pants from Thailand [video]

Creative designers in Thailand created a pair of security panties that promises to protect your girly bits and ward off a man’s lustful thoughts at the same time.

Sounds like a sure-sell product, doesn’t it? But as always, things that sound too good to be true usually come with a catch. And the catch in this pair of panties is, to put it bluntly, a built-in PE**S.


Seattle Tunnel Drill Is Being Blocked By A Massive Object That Some Call An Ancient Artifact [video]

Big Birtha...Seattles newest tunnel digger has hit a something so hard it could destroy an 80 million dollar piece of machinery. Some believe it may be something buried long ago by some ancient civilization that we knew nothing about. 

Its also possible that this massive drill accidentally hid the side walls of one of the many alien bases on this planet. Impossible?

 Phil Schneider who use to work for the US military at making underground bases 3-4 miles below the surface has actually seen this happened first hand and it turned out very bad for all. Phil is not a lier and I would bet my life on this man...even dedicated a book to him I wrote, Dragons of Asgard. He is a good guy that you can trust him.

Date of discovery: December 16-17, 2013
Location of discovery: Seattle, Washington, USA


How does your garden grow? A Shotgun Shell For Blasting Flower Seeds Into Your Garden [video]

I just received what has to be the most bizarre press release ever. It’s either totally genuine and totally naive or a really good anti-gun spoof, can’t quite decide:
“Since early eighteenth century the shotgun has been used for hunting and in warfare. Countless deer, rabbits and birds has been killed, and Countless soldiers, from the trenches of Verdun to Bagdad have experienced the deadly blast of led shots. No more.
My name is Per Cromwell. I’m a designer/inventor at ST-labs. Today we’re launching a product I worked REALLY hard with for a long time: “Flower Shell” a shotgun shell loaded with flower seeds instead of deadly ledTransform any 12 gauge shotgun to a life giver instead of a life taker.

  • Make gardening more FUN!
  • Comes with 12 different seeds. (Columbine, Cornflower, Daisy, Poppy, Sunflower, Peony, meadow flowers and more)
  • Each shell is hand made with love.
  • The amount of gunpowder has been reduced and adjusted to fit the different seeds.
  • This is my dream project.


Awesome Geometric Coin Sculptures [video]

A series of fascinating geometric sculptures by Robert Wechsler, made ??entirely using coins. 

The artist uses jeweler tools to put the coins together to create these amazing geometric assemblies, and was commissioned by The New Yorker newspaper to design this series. Have also a look on the nice “Pop Culture Coins – Hijacking coins with some paint“.


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