Sweet mother of god!

Absolute madman slides down the front of a skyscraper just saving himself at the edge, meanwhile the pressure in my a**hole just formed a diamond!

An oiled needle could not penetrate my a**hole after watching this. I can’t seem to find my testicles either. They seem to be hidden somewhere deep in my abdominal region. I bet he wouldn’t dare go down the stars in a washing basket though.


When Aussies Don't Understand Kiwi Slang

One of the struggles New Zealanders face when they move to Australia, is when Aussies don’t understand Kiwi slang!

Everyone else in the world thinks Australians and New Zealanders sound them same. But to us, we are worlds apart!


Mystery man performs craziest speed bag routine ever

Bearded mystery man with insane hand to eye coordination and super quick reflexes performs craziest speed bag routine ever!

I don’t know if you have ever tried punching a speed bag, but let me just say it’s not as easy as this guy makes it look. What do you think? Does having crazy speed bag skills like this guy translate to anything in the ring? Or is the speed bag not that important of a training tool?


Meanwhile In Poland...

Drunk female bag snatchers get owned when a cyclist chases them down and flattens them, before they get put under citizens arrest in Poland!

This cyclist heard a woman yelling for help, and jumped into action. he caught the bag snatchers easily and brought them to justice, saying he could small alcohol on them. Thankfully, it was all caught on cam!


Meanwhile In Russia...

Get that man a uniform! – Cheeky bastard invades the soccer pitch like a true hooligan, should probably be fined for breaking the police and security guard’s ankles!

This Spartak Moscow fan is a god damn savage. Runs onto the pitch, leaving multiple guards in his wake. I love how the bundled security and police officers didn’t go after him once he front flipped into the next video game level (the pitch) where the enemies can’t cross. They should respect his glory.


The Modular Body from mad scientist

Kill it! Kill it with fire! – A mad scientist claims to have created the world’s first modular life form, and it will definitely haunt your dreams!

Oscar is described as a 3D printed modular body created by Floris Kaayk. Kaayk said, “If we can print organs and body parts, why not completely redefine and redesign the human body?” He started thinking of the human body as a closed system, since it is comparatively difficult to repair and slow to adapt. “An open modular system could become immortal.”


Live TV Water Rescue

Dude, you gotta get out!” – Houston TV reporter watches an old man drive directly into flood waters, saves him from his submerged car during breaking news coverage!

A local news reporter in Texas saved a man from his vehicle that was submerged in historic Houston floods just before the media station was going to go on live TV. Steve Campion was preparing to go live on breaking news coverage of the flooding across the Houston area when he saw a man drive into an area of deep water near an underpass.


Bulldozer Battle on the Streets of China

Construction workers from rival companies settle argument with bulldozer battle in the streets of China, looks like a low budget Transformer movie!

An argument between construction workers from rival companies escalated into a demolition derby-style clash of heavy machinery that left at least two bulldozers flipped over in a street.


Best storage auction find ever!

Guy buys a safe and cracks it open, freaks out when he finds $26,420 in cash inside!

This will make you want to start going to storage auctions. If you have to patients to go through all the useless crap, you just might hit the jackpot like these guys!


Boeing 737 vs Tesla

Who would win in a race between a Boeing 737, with a top speed of 850km/h and 50,000 pounds of thrust, or a Tesla Model S on Ludicrous mode?

“The Tesla was hard to catch off the start. But the 737 narrowed the gap as it barrelled down the runway. Both travelled neck and neck as the 737 reached its take-off speed of 140 knots (260km/h) and the Tesla reached its max at around 250 kilometres an hour. The Tesla was in the shadow of the aircraft as it pulled up at the end of the runway – the clear early winner on the ground, just overtaken when the aircraft did what it was designed to do: fly.”


Meanwhile In TAIWAN...

Taiwanese ninja cops disarms an angry knife wielding woman then throws her to the ground, and his self defence style is a pleasure on your look balls!

This cop is a master of surprise and a genius of movement. In the United States, she would have been shot 43 times, but this is a good demonstration that all you need is a healthy kick and then yank of their arm.


Road Rage Instant Karma in Vancouver

“This is your f*cking fault motherf*cker!” – Douchebag driver gets instant karma after speeding in the parking lane and cutting off another car!

The title says it all. Just another beautiful story about someone acting like an idiot, and instantly getting taught a lesson.


Amazing deliveries

Buckle up, it’s time for Vankhana! – This sleeper van will make deliveries in record time, trailed by plumes of drift smoke!

Pro driver Chris Forsberg gets an April fools day surprise when he thinks he’s about to drift a Nissan 350Z, but it turns out to be a heavily modified van!


Worlds Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion

“Yep. I Have To Live With This Sh*t. Every Day.” – Dude Builds The Worlds Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion, But Not Everyone’s Impressed!

Meet YouTuber Onur Armagan. He’s pretty pleased with himself because he’s just made what he believes to be the world’s largest functioning whoopee cushion. Which is a fairly decent day’s work in anyone’s book, surely. It’s fun for all the family. Well, except for one hard-to-please family member. So. Much. Shade.


EgyptAir Hijacker Takes Selfie with Passenger

British man posed for a photo with a suicide bomber who had hijacked an EgyptAir plane full of passengers with a fake bomb belt!

26-year-old British man named Ben Innes is flooding the internet today, who had the cheek to take pictures with the EgyptAir hijacker. Some people are saying it was a danger to the other passengers, while others are saying it’s the best photo ever!


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