Activate Beast Mode!

3RUN Ambassador Lewis Scandrett Doesn’t Play By Gravity’s Laws, Goes Flipping Insane For The Cameras In An England Gym!

Those dreadlocks of his must contain super powers, because the last time I tried something like this I broke my femur playing hopscotch. Shout out to Lewis Scandrett for the dope hook ups, go follow him on Instagram, get yourself motivated, get active, and go hit the gym.


This is the terrifying moment man swings at police with huge knife

Psychotic Man Tries To Stab A Police Officer With An Eight Inch Knife In The UK, The Scary Attack Is Filmed On Police Body Cam!

This man having a bad day tried to stab a police officer with eight inch knife outside his house in Northamptonshire back in 2014. This incredible footage was just released, showing the brave police detain the man without putting a bullet in his head!


Russians Gonna Russia!

Watch This Hella Drunk Dude Try To Warm His Butt By The Fire, Only To Burn His Own Clothes Off!

I’ve never seen a pair of jeans go up in flames faster. This guy just wanted to warm his vodka soaked body, only to be blasted by fire and ruin his favourite outfit.


Man Shaves His Face After Having A Beard For 14 Years

And Films The Hilarious Reactions Of His Family And Friends!

After living 14 years of that beard life, this man cut away part of his masculinity and shaved his face. Naturally, his family were all shocked, and his own father didn’t recognise him!


Annoyed Man Lifts Car Off Path

Because He Just Wants To Bicycle God Damn It – He Could Have Swerved It, But That Wouldn’t Send A Message!

Holy sh*t, it’s The Mountain that rides. This dude can move a car with ease, while it takes me 10 minutes to open a jar of vegemite. I’d have me a lovely new hernia if I tried that. You gotta love how casually he rides away though.


School Drop Off Must Be Fun!

Petrol Head 4-Year-Old Loves Nothing More Than Shredding Tyres With His Dad In The Family Drift Car!

Watch the face of this 5-year-old as he loves life going sideways around a drift track with his dad piloting a Toyota JZ86. I wish I could be this excited about anything!


Meanwhile In Russia…

Crooked Russian Cop Pulls Car Over So His Bandit Friends Can Rob The Driver, Because No One Gets Rich Writing Speeding Tickets!

Watch as this “cop” pulls a driver over at random, then makes him switch his engine off. Once you realise what is happening, it’s too late!


Life with cats

Security Camera Catches A**hole Cat Sneaking Around Kitchen, Leaps Into The Owner’s Chicken Dinner, Because Living With Cats Is Hell On Earth!

Jeremy Husted has a security camera setup in his kitchen that recently caught one of his cats sneaking around the top of the cabinets then suddenly jumping down to the centre island right into the chicken he was about to put into the oven. He was then faced with the decision to go ahead with making the meal or not. Next time, when he prepares the food for kitty, he needs to step on it.


Terrifying Moment Caught On Camera

As Plane Banks Sharply Above Runway As Pilots Struggle To Land In Storm Causing Havoc In The Netherlands!

This is the hair-raising moment a KLM passenger jet banked sharply moments before it landed in the middle of a violent storm in Amsterdam. The Boeing 777 rocked from side to side as it was battered by high winds on approach to Schiphol airport. While it reveals a nerve-wracking moment for passengers, the video displays the skills of the pilots who landed the plane safely despite the difficult weather conditions.


Meanwhile In Florida…

Two Brothers Pull 10 Foot Injured Hammerhead Shark Onto The Beach, Remove Steel Fishing Hooks From Its Mouth And Drag It To Freedom!

This is the radical moment a pair of brothers removed large fishing hooks from an injured hammerhead shark and dragged it back to sea. The big fish was spotted near a beach in Destin, Florida, with the hooks attached to its mouth and steel fishing line tangled in and around its head. I want to believe the Shark coming back was it’s way of saying thanks. These brothers get a bad-ass stamp with oak leaf clusters on their man card. Mad respect.


Ultimate Scorpion Fails

Get Ready To Cringe! – This Compilation Features The Worst Scorpion Falls, Where Peoples Bodies Get Bent The Wrong Way!

Put simply, a scorpion is when you face-plant into the ground, and your feet come up and behind your head making you look like a scorpion. This video is nothing but scorpion brutality at its finest!


Meanwhile In Florida…

Jump Into A Helicopter And Hover Above Motocross God Chad Reed’s Private Track While He Goes To Work!

Take a Chopper Ride down to Dade City, FL and see Motocross Legend Chad Reed completely shred up his Outdoor Track from up above in #Heli22.


Catch Of The Day

Scuba Diver Takes His Rod Underwater, Nails A Bass With His Jig Like A Card Counter Winning A Pot!

When you fish from a boat all the action is below you. When you fish under water that sh*t becomes three dimensional. This is the future of fishing lure research.



16-Year-Old Sees How Many Gold Digging Babes He Can Pick By Standing In Front Of A Lamborghini And Pretending It’s His!

This 16-year-old pulled the gold digger trick on a couple ladies around Las Vegas, seeing if they would go out with him when they thought he owned a Lamborghini. It went exactly as expected.


Colossal Squid Spotted Near Russian Boat

Terrifying Colossal Squid Spotted Near Russian Boat Before Swimming To Japan, Where It Will Pleasure Girls In Tentacle Erotica!

Being eaten by a massive squid would probably be the most painful and horrific way to die. Their throat passes through their head, and their brain is like a doughnut surrounding the throat. So in order to not inflict brain damage on themselves they have to eat tiny bits at a time with their razor sharp beak. You’d be eaten bit by tiny bit all while drowning, having your ear drums blown out, and having tentacles and hooks rip at your flesh.


Meanwhile In Texas…

Antler Addicts Are On The Hunt For Anything That Moves, Slaying Coyotes And Bobcats For Predator Population Control!

Rise, kill, and eat. Those are the words Antler Addicts live by, unless of course they are killing predators for population control. Ranchers everywhere in Texas continually have to deal with predation of their livestock and wildlife by coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, raccoons, feral hogs and other predatory species. The one that does by far the most damage to sheep and goats is the coyote.


Road Rage Knockout Punch

Father Follows A Drunk Driver, Who Had Just Been In A Road Rage Incident, Back To His House And Proceeds To Knock Him The F**k Out!

“The man wearing all black in the silver truck tailed the young drunk man to his home. Albuquerque Police were called and the victim who got knocked unconscious was taken to jail because he blew over the legal limit. The man in the black shirt was let go because the young victim did not want to press charges.”


Meanwhile In Ibiza…

Dude Sparks Outrage Online After Allegedly Feeding A Ketamine Laced Chip With Tomato Sauce To A Seagull!

A British tourist has sparked a furious backlash after posting a ‘cruel’ video that seems to show him feeding a seagull a chip laced with party drug Ketamine in Ibiza. Josh Greenwood, from Huddersfield, posted a video on Twitter with the message which read: ‘The lads over here in Ibiza have got sally the seagull f**ked up of a chip with some KETchup on it!’ It shows someone on a balcony emptying white crystals from a clear white bag onto a chip, placing it on a ledge and calling the seagull over.


Crazy Russian guys on the roof top in Dubai. Princess Tower .414 m (1,356 ft)

Crazy Russians Visit Dubai, Climb The Highest Buildings And Do Gymnastics Hundreds Of Meters High, The Footage Is Still Less Scary Than Living In Russia!

Oleg Cricket is back with another casual clip featuring some gymnastics performed on the most terrifying balance beam on the planet.


Elephant Attack: Circus Animal Lifts Car Off The Ground

Rampaging Circus Elephant Destroys A Car After Its Trainer Hit It While Walking Down A Public Street With Hundreds Of People Around!

A circus elephant smashed a car after appearing to be hit by a handler. Filmed in the Danish beach town Karrebaeksminde, the video begins when three elephants become agitated after being bathed in the sea in front of a large crowd. As the circus workers start to lose control, the huge beasts veer dangerously close to onlookers, including babies in prams and an elderly man in a mobility scooter.


The Most Badass Bikes On The Planet!

Let Your Inner Redneck Out And Enjoy This Insane Top Fuel Motorcycle Dirt Drag Racing!

Watch as these hectic bikes throw massive rooster tails and dig trenches down this drag strip made of dirt and masculinity!


Flying Gun

Welcome To The Horrifying Future Of Suburban Warfare – Firing A Homemade Handgun Equipped Drone In The Forest Looks Illegal!

Skynet has arrived. This isn’t the first video we’ve seen of a firearm attached to a consumer-grade drone, but it is the most convincing. The 14-second clip claims to show a “homemade multirotor with a semiautomatic handgun mounted on it.” The drone fires four times, with the recoil from each shot pushing it backwards in the air. If the footage is real, then the craft is certainly illegal — at least from the perspective of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), which regulates aircraft and drones.


God Damn It Maverick! – Blue Angels Fly By

US Navy ‘Blue Angel’ Fighter Pilot Performs Low Fly-By On Crowded Beach, Wake Turbulence Sends Sun Tents And Umbrellas Flying!

A US Navy fighter pilot showed just how easy it can be to make room on a crowded beach with a scorching fly-by so low it sent a trail of beach umbrellas, sun tents and towels flying off into the distance. The wake of chaos was brought about from the roaring jet stream of a low-flying F18, which was part of a demonstration by the Blue Angels, the US Navy’s elite flight squadron, at Pensacola Beach, Florida.


Forget Tagging Trains

These Vandals Take Their Artistic Destruction To A New Level By Building A Solid Brick Wall Inside A Train Car!

This graffiti artists in Germany are used to creeping around the railway lines, but they aren’t usually lugging bricks and wet cement. Watch the process as they pull this prank off in broad daylight.


Humpback Whales Feeding

“Oh My God, I Just Sh*t Myself!” – Seeing One Whale Is Thrilling Enough, But A Whole Pod Breeching Right Next To You Is Cause For Celebration!

While boating off the coast of Alaska, this dude gets caught in the middle of a pod of humpback whales as they breach to the surface all at once to eat. And of course those damn seagulls swoop in for the sloppy seconds. The man’s excitement will never be reached by anyone else, ever.


Rally Deutschland Test 2015

Tractor Driver In A German Vinery Pulls Onto The Road In Front Of A Speeding Rally Car, Is Saved By Incredible Braking!

Thierry Neuville had a very close call with a tractor during WRC testing in Germany. Neuville was absolutely flying during a test session, when a tractor appeared from the fields and pulled across his path. Check out the braking power!


Selfie 2015

Crazy Russia...


Mortal Kombat X – Predator

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It – The Mortal Kombat Hunt Begins, Featuring Everyone’s Favourite Invisible Intergalactic Killer, The Predator!

Following the teaser video from last week, NetherRealm Studios has released the full Predator trailer for their hit game Mortal Kombat X. Featuring everyone’s favorite intergalactic hunter, the playable fighter will arrive July 7 for those that have purchased the Kombat Pack, and he’ll be available separately on July 14. The character also comes bundled with Predator-themed skins including Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion and Carl Weathers as Jax, who you can see a preview of in the video now.


Catch Of The Day

Nine Year Old Kid Catches 600lb/272kg Great White Sturgeon Fish Which Took Him An Hour And 45 Minutes To Reel In!

“I thought the fish was going to pull me into the water.” They’re going to need a bigger boat. This was the moment a nine-year-old boy reeled in a 600lbs great white sturgeon while out fishing with his dad. Kegan Rothman was enjoying a day out in Chilliwack, Canada, on Monday when he was nearly pulled into the Fraser River by the giant catch.


Meanwhile At Wireless Festival…

Pandemonium Strikes As Gatecrashers Get Out Of Hand, Overrun Security, And Storm Lethal Bizzle’s Performance!

It seems that Lethal Bizzle’s performance at the 2015 Wireless Festival might have been too much for some fans to resist. At least if this video – which shows the lengths some people went to to catch a glimpse of the action is anything to go by. While security did make some attempts to keep them out, their efforts proved fruitless as the folks on the other side became increasingly frenzied in their efforts to open the gate. A Wireless spokesperson has said that security will be increased from now on.


Rare tiger released in Russia 2015

Rare Amur Tiger Captured Roaming The Streets Of A Russian Suburb, Driven Out Into The Mountains In A Reinforced Cage And Released!

A three year old Amur tiger has been successfully captured, collared and released into a mountainous region in the Russian Far East. The young male was identified as a ‘conflict tiger’ in a prey depleted area but rather than confining him to a life of captivity, the Russian government opted to give him a second chance.


Skate Or Die…Of Old Age!

Spanish Pro Skater Danny León Got Dressed Up In 80-Year-Old Man Prosthetics, Shreds Skatepark In Front Of Locals!

Spanish comedy show El Hormiguero recently got Danny Leon to dress up as an old man to prank the locals at Legazpi skatepark in Madrid, the reactions are pretty priceless.


Caught On Camera: Leopard Attacks Safari Guide

A Leopard Attacked A Safari Guide In South Africa, And The Guide Was Forced To Run Over The Leopard To Avoid Further Attack!

A safari guide has been hospitalised after a leopard attacked him in an open-top jeep in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The attack was caught on camera by a tourist. In the chaos, the safari vehicle and another car in the convoy both ran over the leopard. The injured leopard was put down after the incident.


Syrian Rebel Builds Massive Homemade Sniper Rifle

Syrian Rebel Builds Massive Homemade 23mm Sniper Rifle To Target Regime Positions In Damascus Syria!

This Syrian rebel built his own lethal 23mm sniper rifle to blow his enemies away from long distance. Seems to work pretty damn well too!



Nope, It’s Not Shark Week On Shock, People Just Keep Uploading Viral Footage! – Juvenile Great Whites Caught Patrolling Huntington Beach, Lifeguards Advise People Not To Swim!

Two men have filmed themselves paddle-boarding alongside great white sharks off the California coast. Hemerick and Joseph Trucksess of San Clemente can be seen moving slowly on stand-up paddle boards next to juvenile great whites measuring 4 to 7 feet in length. Hemerick uses his GoPro camera to film the sharks above and below water, sometimes getting within inches of the creatures.


Amazing iphone gun

Do You Want To Get Shot By The Cops Today? – People Want This iPhone Gun App And Case That Allows Kids To Fire Digital Bullets Banned!

You wouldn’t expect an iPhone 6 case to be dangerous, but it turns out that someone came up with an idea so awful that it can actually put lives at risk. The protective device might spare the handset from breaks if it’s dropped… and it might also get the owner killed in the process.


Epic Music Video Of The Day!

‘Amaro and Walden’s Joyride’ Follows Two Badass Characters Causing A Ruckus!

This short film/music video cleverly uses an animated duo on top of real life footage taken of a remote control jeep cruising the streets.


Man Throws Incredible Frisbee Hole-In-One!

If disc golf players were like race car drivers, this guy would be ploughing new babes every night with moves like this. Alas, he only throws a frisbee, and will no doubt fall asleep crying into his pillow like every other night.


Crazy RIPPED 53 Year Old Vegan

Fitness Inspiration Of The Day – Anthony “iNatural” Alderman Is A Super Ripped 53-Year-Old Vegan That Hasn’t Eaten Red Meat Since 1980!

53 year old Anthony “iNatural” Alderman walks you through his life as a Vegan, Calisthenics practitioner, and Community activist.


Instant Karma And Instant Justice!

Check Out This Compilation Of People doing bad Things, And Receiving Instant Payback!

One way for people to learn not to be jerks is to receive punishment immediately after they have done wrong. Check out all these people getting their comeuppance.


Meanwhile In The Hot Deserts Of Peru…

Locals And Tourists Alike Strap On Skis And Snowboards And Shred The Steep Sand Dunes!

At some point, the only way for year-round skiers to get their turns in is heading to a glacier or flying to the Southern Hemisphere…or take a drive to the nearest dunes. Despite being the middle of winter, some Peruvian locals choose the latter, shredding sand and proving it’s truly summer.


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