Amazing Sand Creatures

Photography Inspiration is our series for gaining your photography skills, In this Series we collect beautiful, creative and stunning photography from different artist all over the world. Hopefully this photography Inspiration series will help you.
Today we pick some stunning motion photography by Dutch photographer Claire Droppert named “Gravity – Sand Creatures” series in which she captures blocks and frozen sand thrown in the air to bring out the animal forms. Check this out.


Dictators with Plush Animals

Chunlong Sun is specialized in retouching. He is based in Beijing, China – and he’s created this series, he calls “Celebrity“. Here we see 5 dictators; Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Muammar Khadafi aka Muammar al-Gaddafi, Mobutu Sesé Seko, and Saddam Hussein – with plush animals.


Is This A Real Ghost?! – Mysterious Figure Spotted Running Through The Stands During A Soccer Match

 Do you believe in ghosts? You may, after watching this mysterious video. This shape of what appears to be a man was spotted in the stands of a soccer match between Bolivian and Uruguayan teams. Everything seems normal until the man runs through a fence!


Robotic band has 78-fingered guitarist, 22-armed drummer

Practice might be the way for human musicians to get to Carnegie Hall, but if you're a robot, it's not so tough -- as long as your programmers have given you the proper advantages. Meet the Z-Machines, a band made entirely of robots. There's Mach, a 78-fingered guitarist; Ashura, a 22-armed drummer; and Cosmo, a robot that plays keyboards with lasers. On paper, they're impressive, with only one thing keeping them from a record deal: They can't write music. 
When a team of University of Tokyo roboticists created the Z-Machines last year, it asked several artists to develop music the robots could be programmed to play, and the U.K.-based electronic composer was among them. His submission was a song called "Sad Robot Goes Funny," but after it was finished Squarepusher (aka Tom Jenkinson) wasn't done with his droid friends. He ended up writing an entire EP of material for the 'bots called, appropriately, Music for Robots, which was released last week.


Diamond UFO Passes Over Argentina Soccer Game (April 11, 2014) [video]

This UFO was caught by accident by an Argentina soccer fan (Youtube user "Musicuervo") who caught it as it passed over the excited spectators. With all the cheering of this game and it being a final goal celebration, the person just didn't notice as the UFO passed overhead. If you want to see the UFO, please jump to 1:20 into the video where you will see it circle the stadium. As it gets closer, the objects diamond-like shape stands out.

As the UFO gets to the far upper right of the video, it allows us to get a good view of its diamond-like shape, which you can see in the below photo.

This is not the first time a UFO was seen over a sports arena. Back in Oct 28, 1979 two spinning white diamonds were seen above a Dallas Cowboys football game. They were spotted by the announcer on a live game and he told the TV camera guy to zoom in on them. The similarities in appearance to this Argentina UFO is remarkable to say the least.

This UFO demonstrates incredible agility as it moves up and down in altitude, but whats even more remarkable is its speed. In less than 5 seconds it circled half the stadium!


Beautiful Ukrainian border guards

 It is not clear to what extent the guards’ male counterparts will be expected to keep up their appearances, or what the Ukrainian-based Femen feminist group makes of the idea.


Oddly Satisfying Short Film Experiments With Bird Characteristics Through Random Object

This weird but amazing video plays with CGI birds made from a range of odd items. Somehow, it all just comes together to make something very satisfying!


3D On The Rocks: Sculpting awesome ice cubes with a precision drill

“3D on the Rocks“, or when the Japanese group Suntory, specialized in beers and whiskies, has fun to create some amazing ice cubes with a precision drill… Some real miniature ice sculptures to enjoy with your whisky! (I can already hear the purists crying foul…)
For 3D on the rocks, its latest liquor campaign, Suntory teamed up with Japanese ad agency TBWA\Hakuhodo to offer the world’s first 3D-milled ice cubes.

Each creation is the result of a time-consuming modelling process, and is carved to the smallest details with a precision drill. They are then placed at the bottom of a glass of whisky for their first and last journey into this world.


Russian 'ghost' car appears out of nowhere and shoots past BMW driver [video]

Russian Dash-Cams Miss Nothing, Not Even The Supernatural! – Witness This Baffling Ghost Car Appear From Nowhere!
Dashcam footage appears to show car appearing out of nowhere at junction. Viewers from across the world have attempted to explain how the car appears in front of the BMW. Viewers of the video have suggested the car is hidden by other vehicles until the last moment, while others have suggested the footage is fake.


Breaking: Spectacular Meteorite Fireball From Space Caught On Dash Cam Exploding Over Russia [video]

Similar to the meteor explosion seen over Russia last year, another object went streaking through the night sky in Murmansk around 2am, although it does not seem to have shaken things up nearly as much as last time. It has not been officially confirmed as a meteorite, however, and some say it may have been space debris reentering the Earth’s atmosphere.


Classical Composer New Music Video Features Twerking K-Pop Dancers!

This video is an ad for B-Classic Music Festival, who aims to give Classical music some recognition. And they certainly do with this sensory mash-up. Get ready to listen to 3 minutes of “Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco” Antonín Leopold Dvořák and love every second of it.


Meanwhile in Russia: School Kids Having An AK-74 Assembly & Disassembly Race! [video]

This is what they teach in Russian schools?! Everything is starting to make sense. I will continue on with my life with slightly more understanding as to why no one should ever mess with a Russian.


Kids Do the Darnest Things: Amazing Humorous Photo manipulations

John Wilhelm is NOT a professional photographer. Yet his work is head and shoulders above most mediocre professionals out there. There’s something to be said about doing something you are passionate about, it brings out dedication and work ethic you seldom apply to your regular job. John’s series of digitally enhanced images amuses the viewer with the potentially wacky things babies and kids can do.


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