Amazing massive crash

How Did Racer Sacha Bottemanne Limp Away From This Incredibly Violent Ferrari 458 GT3 Crash?

You know you’re having a bad day when you have to exit your race car via a hole where the windshield used to be. Sacha Bottemanne had to do just that after having a massive accident at the GT Tour race at Nogaro this weekend. Luckaly Bottemanne suffered no serious injuries and was able to walk away from his ruined Ferrari.


Campus employee assaults white student for "cultural appropriation"

Black woman recorded hassling white guy because he has dreadlocks, tells him to cut them off because they are from her culture!

We’ve hit a new level of delusion with this lady. Asking her friend if he has scissors, she hassles this dude for having a hairstyle that belongs to her culture. You can see the moment when she realises she’s being film, and probably instantly regrets it!


New clever ad

New Zealand has a new clever ad to discourage people from texting while driving, using humour in place of the regular shock tactics!

The New Zealand government have a unique way of reminding their citizens not to text and drive, but the rest of the world can enjoy this reminder too. First person to actually pull this trick off will receive 10 point to Gryffindor!


Meanwhile in Australia…

Police helicopter captures clear vision of a large 12-foot tiger shark lurking 100 metres from the shore at popular surf spot Trigg Beach!

Surf lifesavers from Scarborough used a small boat to herd the shark into deeper water. It comes as beaches across Sydney’s south were recently closed after a surfer was nudged off his board by a shark. The man was surfing at Cronulla at about 11.15am on Easter Monday when he encountered the shark. Police don’t usually become involved in shark-patrol duties, and the West Australian had fun with its story, leading with this paragraph: “Even the most intimidating predators can’t escape the long arm of the law.”


Redneck engineering of the day!

Dude bolts three guns together to make a a homemade quad barrelled shotgun!

What do you get if you mix a DP-12 and two Remington 870s? A quad barrelled shotgun, with the ability to blow away four zombies without needing to chamber another round!


Uber abusive rider University of Michigan

“Minimum wage faggot. Go f**k yourself!” – Rich frat kid wearing Yeezy Boosts, and son of New York City’s most notorious landlord, goes viral for harassing an Uber driver!

Like father, like son? The frat bro son of one of New York City’s most reviled landlords was recorded harassing an Uber driver in Michigan, calling the man a “minimum wage faggot” and mocking him for needing to work for a living. Jake Croman, a member of the University of Michigan’s Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter, is now being investigated by his frat for his recorded roadside rage at an Uber driver, according to the Michigan Review. That means he’s following the footsteps of his father, Steven Croman — a Gotham property magnate who’s under investigation by State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for allegedly forcing rent-stabilised tenants out of their homes.


Meanwhile in Oklahoma...

Prostitute gets caught by a drone camera with an elderly man by a vigilante who uses this cutting edge tactics to clean up the streets!

Prostitute gets caught by a drone camera with an elderly man by a vigilante who uses this cutting edge tactics to clean up the streets!


Manly job of the day!

This 10 minute film of men making glass bottles and jugs by hand in 1959 is so damn mesmerising it won an Oscar!

This is Glas, a 1959 Oscar-winning short subject documentary by Bert Haanstra about glass making, and it is the most mesmerising thing you’ll see today.


Meanwhile in Texas...

Deaf intoxicated man diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and armed with a knife hides from police inside a Cowboy store, gets shot as he tries to flee the law!

The family of Randall Waddel, who was holding a knife when he was shot and killed by a Weatherford police officer, released video of the shooting, saying it shows that Waddel was attempting to flee the officer and was not threatening the officer or bystanders when he was shot. The officer wrote in a statement that he feared Waddel would stab him. Texas Ranger Tony Bradford, who conducted the investigation, said in the report that Brown was in the 21-foot “danger zone” around someone carrying a knife.


Meanwhile in Birmingham…

Thugs brutally beat man with iron bars on his driveway then carjack his £54,000 Audi Q7 seconds after kissing his wife goodbye for work!

Security company boss Vince Cappellie was targeted outside his home in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. The dramatic footage shows Mr Cappellie kissing wife Jennifer, 47, goodbye as he was about to leave for work. Suddenly two men in balaclavas rush from a white Ford Kuga parked nearby, began hitting him and demanded the keys to his Audi Q7 parked in the drive. Father-of-two Mr Cappellie, 57, bravely refused but was violently attacked with heavy iron bars losing the keys and his car.


Florida Man Gets Choked Out By Security During Spring Break!

Two security guards struggle to overpower a massive crazy looking dude causing trouble at a bar, until one of then sinks a rear naked choke and puts him to sleep!

Having to fight massive angry looking guys like this is exactly why I would never be a security guard. Lucky they choke him out before he started screaming “Hulk smash”!


Man loses leg by shooting lawn mower full of explosives

“I blew my leg off! Call an ambulance!” – Georgia man’s leg hacked off by flying shrapnel after shooting a lawn mower full of Tannerite with his semi-automatic rifle!

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Department, a deputy responded to a 911 call Saturday about an explosion. The caller reported that 32-year-old David Pressley was shooting at a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder in the woods and “had possibly blown his legs off from the explosion.” Two of Pressley’s friends fashioned a tourniquet around his leg, helped him into the front seat of a vehicle and drove him to a nearby road. EMS met the group there. Pressley was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, and is now recovering from the incident.


Meanwhile On Huntington Beach…

Sékou Is A Shredded Monster From West Africa Who Flips Across Beaches With No Regard For Human Life!

“Who said flippers can’t be yoked!? Legendary acrobat from west Africa, @sekou_badi came down to visit Huntington Beach and train with us. He is currently performing for cavalier odyssey in Irvine.” – Strength Project. Shout out to everybody that could flip when they were younger, but wouldn’t dare try that sh*t now.



Enchanting as f**k – Aladdin hits the streets of San Francisco with Jasmine, dodges through traffic and causes a ruckus on his magic carpet!

Who needs a magical genie thousands of years old who can turn sentient objects into whimsical flying creatures when you have the power of electronics? The YouTubers of PrankvsPrank are the masterminds behind this modern-day retelling of the Disney classic “Aladdin,” and it’s pretty awesome.


Crazy Bullfrog Eats Everything

“I’m sore as f*ck from leg day! – From the genius presents the Ghetto Bullfrog Eats Everything!

Get your puffer ready, this sh*t might give you an asthma attack. This ghetto bullfrog is going to eat anything you put in front of it with great enthusiasm!


Meanwhile in Mexico…

“Those rev limiters don’t play homie, you’ve been killing it though!” – Stunt rider gets thrown head first onto the highway doing seat stander coasters in Mexico!

“Rider flips over front of zx6r while doing rev limiter seat stander coasters in Tijuana, Mexico. The Tijuana Street Ride is one of the largest organised street rides in North America. Riders from all over the United States and Mexico migrate to Tijuana to participate. Some of the best stunt riders around take part along with recreational riders to enjoy the ocean front view while riding.”


School Student Fights His Teacher In Class

High school student with zero respect attacks teacher in class, starts a fight that spills across the room and gets handled like a punk!

This is the shocking moment a high school student attacks his teacher during class, causing the two to start a scuffle that moves right across the classroom. The teacher pulls a book from the young man’s hand at one point and tells him to leave the classroom. But instead, the student faces off with his teacher, before tackling him to the ground.



This insane Airsoft competition in an urban environment is made super realistic with smoke bombs, grenades and intense battles between warring teams!

Novritsch travelled all the way to the US to see how airsoft war games are played there. The area where they play is epic with multiple buildings and cars, and players throwing smoke bombs for cover!


Guy Backflips Off Truck into Another Guy

Dude spectacularly wins a fight that he didn’t even mean to start by backflipping off a car and landing on some poor guy’s head!

I don’t really know who to blame for this. The guy doing the backflip clearly had a whistle to warn people he was coming. Not sure why he taunted the guy on the floor afterwards, like he had just boxed another man with the skill of Mike Tyson.


The dumbest thing you will watch today!

Prepare yourselves, this will definitely be the dumbest thing you will watch today! – Someone put human mouths on dogs, and is racking up millions of views!

The week isn’t over just yet, so this should distract you for a minute from your inner pain that it isn’t friday yet.



How to make someone look like they’ve gone crazy! – Fake street magicians promise something special if they do this weird movement for 60 seconds!

These guys do pranking right, with a clever trick that will make you pee your damn pants. The people watching them on the street must have thought they’d lost their minds!


Turbulent Touchdowns!

This frightening footage of airplanes trying to land at Birmingham Airport during high crosswinds will have you at the edge of your seat!

We’ve seen insane landings before—those videos haunt my thoughts vividly every time I’m on a plane. And yet, I want to see more. Here’s new footage showing the terrifying wind conditions over Birmingham’s airport in England. I just added it to my list of places I don’t want to fly to.



Remi Gaillard might be the last guy on the internet making real prank videos, now watch him make people think he’s blind in the worst situations!

Remi Gaillard prays on people’s kindness as he sets himself up for awkward situations as a blind man.


Fingerboarding in a Fancy Restaurant

Fingerboarding in a Fancy Restaurant – Miniature Skateboards and agile fingers shred tiny park benches, ramps and rails on a rotating table!

If you want to exercise your fingering skills, get a girlfriend right? Wrong. It’s 2016, and Tech Decks are still going strong.


Meanwhile in Africa… African kids see drone for the first time!

Meanwhile in Africa…Globetrotting filmmaker flies his Phantom drone over school kids who had never seen one before, minds are blown as they run for the hills!

While traveling in Zombo District, Uganda, Brandon Smith, a globetrotting filmmaker from Houston, Texas, blew the minds of dozens of school children when they witnessed him fly his quadcopter camera drone for the first time. I would also be pretty excited to see one up close, I don’t know anyone who has one. Of course I’d pretend to not be impressed.


People getting smashed by huge waves

Cyclone Winston creates massive swell smashing Aussie families swimming in Kiama rock pool with large rogue waves, severe injuries were reported later that day!

Dozens of beaches were closed across eastern Australia as swells caused by Cyclone Winston lashed the coast. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning, saying that they expected damaging winds and heavy hail and rain that may lead to flash flooding. This footage shows large waves hitting swimmers in a rock pool in New South Wales. A few minor injuries (cuts and scrapes on rocks, bad bruising) were observed on adults and children, caused by this set of waves and several others. More severe injuries were being reported in the same area later in the day.


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