The petrol pump accident

I’m Frustrated And I Don’t Even Know Her! – Woman Has A Hilarious Derp Moment When Trying Park Her Car Next To The Petrol Pumps!

A lot of people will be able to relate when they see their mum do some sh*t like this. This woman takes her derp moment too far though when she repeatedly parks on the wrong side of the petrol pump. Bravo for finally getting there in the end. Now let’s see if she grabs the diesel pump by accident.


Kid Destroys Dollar Store

He Didn’t Choose The Thug Life! – Satanic Child Walks Around The Dollar Store Calmly Trashing Ever Aisle!

By my calculations, the total damage to the store racked up to nearly $50 dollars. That’s probably one year’s pocket money for this kid!


Meanwhile In Santa Barbara…

 Stoner Jesus Gives Love, Forgiveness, And Hope To All That Believe; But He Does Not Give Any F**ks!

Not only does he not get hoodwinked by the lame prankster – Stoner Jesus effortlessly floats through the street with a bible in hand toking on a fat zoot, eyeing up the passing ladies. Then he simply tosses his spliff to a guy in a wheelchair, who proceeds to take a toke after attempting to piece together what the hell just happened. I’m a believer.


Amazing Opening A Bottle of Champagne

Think You’re A Baller? – Opening A Bottle of Champagne With A 50 Cal Is The Biggest Boss Move Of All Boss Moves!

This gives new meaning to poppin’ bottles. Watch as the world’s most expensive bottle opener cracks open a bottle of Cristal for the holidays.


Meanwhile In Chicago… Big fight at Rock N Roll McDonald's

5 Arrested And A Pregnant Female Taken To Hospital After Thugs Viciously Beat Another Man With Aluminium Chairs Inside McDonald’s!

This ain’t fighting, it’s an audition for the WWE. A fight broke out in the early hours of Saturday at the well-known Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s in Chicago. Phone footage shows a group of men viciously beating another man with an aluminium chair inside what appears to be the tourist hotspot in the 600 block of North Clark. The distinctive chairs are of a designer style used at the Rock n’ Roll McDonalds, and the restaurant’s escalator can also be seen in the wild video.


Female Russian Police That Look Great In Uniform

We would love to get arrested by one of these ladies.


Meanwhile In London… Paramedic in Public Prank

               Two Dudes Cause Chaos In The Streets Of London While Wearing Paramedic Uniforms!

Apparently nobody noticed the GoPro mounted on their heads. Isn’t performing CPR on someone when they’re fine actually pretty dangerous? Let us know in the comment section now!


Aliens Climb Volcano In Minutes Where Climbers Take Hours [Mexico Dec 2014]

Now in the video they speak of seeing a naked being on the volcano. He climbs in minutes the same area it takes hikers to climb in hours. Already this being shows signs of being a genetically superior being with its speed, agility, and ability to resist cold. In the video they make an easy mistake, by saying the being was looking for some minerals or something of value on the surface, pushed up by the volcanos magma. No, that is thinking like a human. These beings are superior in every way and have no need for trinkets they find on the surface. The true reason is much more one with nature...or the universe for that matter.

You see, aliens follow rule better than humans. They follow them very well, however there are exceptions they make to their own rules to respect the cultural differences each species has. For instance, indians in America can petition the US govt to be allowed to get a permit to kill a single bald eagle. This eagle is important in their culture for its feathers. That is rare, but must be allowed in order to respect individual tribes and their cultures.

Aliens are this way. They allow a rare exception to the rules when a species requires it for their rituals. Any alien seen on the mountain would most likely be participation in a ritual of some sort. Many cultures are required to be below the blue sky in order for their prayers, or meditation to be heard. Individual aliens have been seen on the mountain off and on over the years, but usually alone. Why? Because their ritual requires it. However, when they notice that humans have seen them, they must vacate the area and return to base.


Meanwhile In Japan…

Travis Rice Dodges Tree Dwelling Spirits And Hidden Crevasses That Could Swallow Him Whole For An Incredible Deep Powder, Mystic Mountain Run!

Travis Rice enters the soft white embrace of endless deep powder on a mystic mountain in Japan.


Dude Sits Down At Public Piano.... Gives it a Schoolin...Professional Musician Plays on a Public Piano

Henri Herbert (piano player with The Jim Jones Revue) gives an impromptu performance at St Pancras International station, London.
On the concourse of the St Pancras International railway station in London, a piano was placed with the words, Play Me, I’m Yours. Henri Herbert, a keyboard player with the Jim Jones Revue, decided to give an impromptu performance for his fellow bystanders.

For those curious, an audio recording placed very close to the back of the piano (near the floor) was used and later synched in post production to the video recording in this clip. This is one of five public pianos that can be found at the station for anyone to sit down and play.

The piano he is playing in this clip is one of several that were placed around railway station concourses in London last summer, for any member of the public to play. Henri decided he would give an impromptu performance to help promote an upcoming boogie woogie festival


Meanwhile In Hong Kong…

Security Van Accidentally Spills 2.3 Million Dollars Cash All Over The Street, Onlookers Scramble – Would You Steal The Money And Run?

A blizzard of millions in cash paralysed a road in Hong Kong when a security van spilled bundles of Hong Kong 500 dollar notes, presenting onlookers with a Christmas Eve test of whether to be good for goodness’ sake. The police estimated that the equivalent of about $2.3 million was missing, local news reports said, suggesting that not everyone who saw the windfall had passed the goodness test. Would you steal the money and run?


Incredible Explosive Power Jumps

Korean powerlifters testing their fast twitch muscles.


Accident with "Shadow People": Cloaked Person Gets Hit By Cars [Dec 2014]

This is interesting. Recently a shadow of a person moved in front of the moving car. The driver didn't see anything, but did hear it hit, but found nothing. Later the driver checks a security cam in the parking lot area and finds that the shadow was also caught on camera.

Also curious is the fact that the person seems to rise up out of the road itself, as if they came from an underground base and didn't expect to be seen. 

Now since the driver didn't see this person, we know they were cloaked. A cloak can be seen with infrared light which the security camera uses to record at night. Infrared light is known for allowing people to see things the human eye cannot. IR is beyond the eyes abilities to see. This person is an alien with cloaking technology. They are not perfect. They were seen on camera and hit by the car. That means they make mistakes. It probably took off fast, but they are not gods, not angels or demons, but mortal creatures like you and I.

The recording was captured by a security camera Malaysian government in the video is when a car is driven into a parking lot and there comes a time when dark matter wandering in the streets, in the form of human silhouette appears



Like Anyone At A Rave, You’re Either Really Feeling The Music, Or You’ve Got Rabies – EDM Dog Is Munted Off His Tits Brah, All Must Witness His Glory!

For dogs, the high point of any day may very well be when its master returns home, whether it’s minutes, hours or days away. This pooch knows what we’re talking about. The dog is wildly fired up when its owner comes home, so much so that someone came up with the brilliant idea of setting his actions to EDM music. The pup has some serious moves, while the other one with him walks in circles, like it’s on some bad Molly trip.


3rd World Country Space Program

         People In Thailand Use Fireworks To Send A Weird Flying Contraption Way Up Into The Sky!

The Thai love their fireworks more than most, and this insane display at a fireworks festival proves that point. I don’t even know what to call this flying contraption, but I want one.


Chasing a Fed Ex truck down that was losing Christmas Packages out back door

“There Goes Another One! Yep, I Just Hit It!” – Man Saves Christmas By Stopping FedEx Truck On The Highway As Packages Fly Out The Back Door!

A driver has filmed himself saving Christmas for some parcel owners by flagging down a FedEx vehicle with its back doors open, spilling packages all over the road. The man counts at least six loose presents before the courier pulls over and is told he has a door to fix and some retrieving to do. Hands up who is going to show this video to their kids on Christmas morning to explain that this must have happened to their presents. “All I want for Christmas is to not be fired” – FedEx guy.


BBC Reporter Inhales Burning Drugs And Can't Finish Report

BBC Reporter Stands In Front Of A Pile Of Burning Heroin, Opium And Hash, Gets High Off The Fumes And Can’t Talk Without Laughing!

BBC’s Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville struggled to get the job done while reporting in front of a pile of burning drugs. This is the hilarious moment he seemingly got high on the fumes of the fire behind him and descended into giggles.


How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

             Homeless Guy Gets A Cash Hookup, Then Is Secretly Filmed Going On A Shopping Spree!

There are many things a typical homeless man would do if they were given $100. Alcohol, drugs, strippers, prostitutes or maybe a new sleeping bag would all be likely purchases, but not for this guy!


Santa Should Ditch The Sleigh For A Drift Car

               Drifting On Public Roads In The Middle Of The Night Covered In Christmas Lights!

All I want for christmas is a spare set of tyres I can destroy. This guy gets into the holiday spirit by showering the back streets of an industrial area with colourful lights and smoke. Check it!


Meanwhile In Russia... How Far Would You Go To Prove Your Love?

           Young Dumb Russian Girl Let Her Boyfriend Hang Her Off The Side Of A Building!

This young girl let herself be talked into a death defying act, trusting her boyfriend to be strong enough to hold her weight as she hung off the side of a building. Thankfully all Russian men do 1000 pull-ups a day.


The Best Road Rage Fights Caught On Camera In 2014

Part Of Getting A License Should Include MMA Training! – Some Of The Best Road Rage Fights Caught On Camera In 2014!

You won’t be surprised to find that most of these videos come from Russia. 2014 was another great year of dashcam videos, so lets take a look at some of the most entertaining fights!


Incredible Footage Of The World’s Deepest Alien

Spotted At 8,145 Metres Of Head Exploding Pressure! – Incredible Footage Of The World’s Deepest Alien Doesn’t Look Like Anything Scientists Have Ever Seen Before!

Researchers have observed a new record for the world’s deepest living fish, found at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest site on earth. The new species was recorded at a depth of 8,145 metres, breaking the previous depth record set in 2008 by nearly 500 metres, researchers said in a statement. “This really deep fish did not look like anything we had seen before, nor does it look like anything we know of,” Alan Jamieson from the University of Aberdeen said. “It is unbelievably fragile, with large wing-like fins and a head resembling a cartoon dog.”


Meanwhile In Russia...

What Was That 8th Commandment Again? “Thou Shalt Not Steal” – Lightning Bolt Hits Car Full Of Church Robbers Running From The Cops, Blows Them To Hell!

A group of masked men robbed a church in St. Petersburg and led police on a high speed chase. The pursuit was cut short however, when a bolt of lightning destroyed the car and killed all the passengers inside. According to police reports another car was also damaged after hitting the ruined getaway vehicle!


What Happens When You Step On Molten Lava?!

Finally, The Question We’ve Always Wanted Answered! – What Happens When You Step On Molten Lava?!

This video shows how pressure applied to this dense material only causes a slight indentation. You would never fall into a lava lake the way you would a swimming pool, the molten rock is much more dense, so you would simply land on it, sink a little, and be burned.


Black UFO Over Statue Of Liberty [Dec 2014]

One thing about UFOs...they love observing national landmarks and museums around the world. The Statue of Liberty is a major US landmark and visiting it is one of the easiest landmarks in NYC to see from the sky. So for a UFO to buzz past it is no surprise. Awesome this lady caught it.

Eyewitness states:

My wife and sister filmed this UFO while visiting New York City this week. Sorry for the shaking. She said she was freezing from holding the camera for so long with no gloves. She said at first she thought it was a balloon but it stopped all of a sudden and stayed in one place for a while. She also ran out of disc space hence why the footage suddenly stopped. What the hell was this guys. Please tell me someone else got this on video to.


Turkey Slurpee: the latest internet trend

Wut Dafaq? – Woman Inhales A Slice Of Turkey In Less Than A Second, I Don’t Know Whether To Be Turned On Or Freaked Out!

Hospitals all over the world are about to get an influx of turkey choking related accidents. Meet the latest internet trend that dumb people try and fail at. The Turkey Slurpee!


Woman Gets Her BMW Booted At A Bad Girls Club Audition And Drives Off Anyway!

Here’s A Quick Lesson On How To Not Give A F*ck! – Woman Gets A Tyre Lock Put On Her BMW For Illegal Parking, Drives Off Anyway!

This lady shows an parking enforcer who’s boss by testing the durability of a tyre lock while it’s clamped onto her car. You have to give her credit for giving such a little amount of f*cks.


This Is The Reason Why Dads Were Invented

Woman On A Cooking Show Competition Is Struggling To Open A Jar, Until Dad’s Bear Hands Step In!

Dad’s are good at only a handful of things, but they are the best in the world at those things. It wouldn’t have mattered if this jar was sealed with cement, this dad was going to rip the fingers off his own hands to get it open!


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