Amazing Cow Art With A Drone

                             US farmer creates huge smiley face from cows using feed and drone camera

Kansas farmer Derek Klingenberg has created a huge smiley face using his hungry cattle, a feed truck and a drone camera.


The Show Must Go On...

Dancer Knocks Herself Out Cold After A Brutal Face Plant, Unconscious Body Starts Twerking Out Of Muscle Memory!

The human brain is always evolving. When incidents like this occur, it will attempt to dodge social damage by forcing the unconscious body to seem as though the damaging act was intentional. Instead of extending the arms, known as the fencing response, it will sometimes shake the gluteus region of the body in a gyrating motion, to make it appear to a phone camera that the unconscious body is in fact ‘just dancing’ and has not made a complete fool of themselves. This is known as the twerk response.


Excavator Fun

                 On a slow day at the construction site this guy decided to have some fun with the excavator.


‘Amazing Worlds within our Worlds’ amazing video

                            See Household Items Highly Magnified Until They Are Nearly Unrecognisable!

Check out this video called ‘Amazing Worlds within our Worlds’, where artist Pyanek has captured the delicate details in objects such as a kitchen sponge, keys, spaghetti, incense sticks and a serrated knife, by zooming into the extremely close.


Drone video shows the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp as it is today

1 Million People, The Vast Majority Of Them Jews, Executed – Haunting Drone Footage Of The Notorious Nazi Concentration Camp At Auschwitz Becomes BBC’s Most Viewed Video Online

70 years after it was liberated by Soviet troops. The camp in Poland is now maintained as a World Heritage Site and is visited by thousands of tourists and survivors every year. Auschwitz was the largest camp established by the Germans during World War II. More than a million people – the vast majority of them Jews – died there between 1940, when it was built, and 1945, when it was liberated by the Soviet army.


Meanwhile…GoDaddy’s Version Gets Pulled Amid Animal Activist Outrage!

        Budweiser Is Back F**king With Our Heartstrings With A New Super Bowl Puppy Commercial

Taking a page from last year, Budweiser decided to once again pull at the heartstrings in a Super Bowl commercial. This year’s “Lost Dog” ad features a pup being separated from its Clydesdale buddies, but through the power of friendship, there is a happy ending here.


Car With A Massive Sound System

     Car With A Massive Sound System Can Make The Water On The Car Jump… With A Little Help!

I was mighty impressed with the performance this sound system put out. Then I was impressed at how easily this video tricked me.


Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street

Real Madrid Superstar, And Probably The Most Famous Athlete On Earth, Cristiano Ronaldo Dresses Up As A Beggar To Surprise Child!

It’s not often that Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s best soccer player, can stand in the middle of a busy street in Madrid and go unnoticed by dozens of people as he does kick-ups and tricks. But the Real Madrid superstar managed just that last week, with the aid of a fat suit, some sunglasses and a dodgy fake beard. After revealing himself the public quickly cottoned on and swarmed the superstar, looking for photos and autographs.


Russian Post vs Amazon

The postal service promised to conduct an investigation into the incident and discipline those responsible. However, it also urged Russians not to jump to conclusions over what may be the fault of an outside shipping company.

Russians have a generally poor opinion of the country’s postal service, with many complaining of bad service, poor delivery times, failure to protect packages from damage and theft, and how the service has branched out into areas not directly related to the transport of mail and parcels.

Russian's Post bulldozer rakes debris of parcels


Meanwhile In New York…

                                                         Car Drifts Behind News Reporter During Blizzard!

NBC correspondent Stacey Bell didn’t have much to report from New York’s Nassau County last night as winter storm Juno blew over the region, but a driver managed to spice up her shot with a ‘Snowkyo Drift’ in the background.


The Foxconn Factory Takes A Nap

Workers at the Foxconn factory in Longhua in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China all nap together during their breaks.


Amazing trick by Russia Hockey Player

I’ve Never Seen A Man Move So Majestically! – Russia Hockey Player Scores A Goal Inspired By Figure Skating!

This awesome trick penalty shot taken by Russian player Gusev is majestic and erotic. What a heart throb this gy must be in Mother Russia. I bet he has 22 kids with 22 different women.


Baby Great White Shark fights for its life

A Baby Great White Shark Is Able To Roam The Seas Once Again After Surviving Accidental Encounter With Fishermen In South Africa!

A great white shark desperately fights for its life – after being caught by a fisherman’s hook.The dramatic footage was shot by Lars Liedberg, 38, who had just finished having breakfast in a restaurant, in Plettenberg Bay South Africa, when he saw a struggle on the beach below. Liedberg said that following a prolonged effort to get the fish back in the water, the distraught shark was eventually helped into the ocean and was able to swim away.


Tesla Electric Car Insane Mode Launch Reactions Compilation

Man Launches His New Tesla Electric Car As Hard As He Can In ‘Insane’ Mode And Films His Passengers Reactions!

Watch as this car scares the hell out of his passengers with by launching his Tesla down the road, reaching 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. Like a roller coaster ride everyday!


Sloppy Drunk Woman

“Call The Mother F**ken Cops, I Dare You” – Sloppy Drunk Woman Causes Chaos In 7-11, Boyfriend Gets Hit In The Head By A Steel Rod Trying To Look After Her!

I actually feel a little bad for the boyfriend. She’s a complete f**king mess. It’s like trying to look after an adult baby. That part when you think the woman is finally out of the store, but she crawls out into the aisle like some sort of demon human-insect was classic.


Meanwhile In Australia…

                                   Boys Torment Their Dad By Putting A Ton Of Chilli Powder In His Dinner!

There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a good meal after a long day to have it ruined with a sh*t load of chilli powder. The poor bloke is a bee’s dick away from snapping completely.


Meanwhile In Arlington...

Police Are Seeking The Public’s Help After Frightening Surveillance Footage Shows Man Kidnapping Woman At Gun Point And Forcing Her Into The Boot, Before Driving Away!

Police are seeking the public’s help in finding a man who robbed and kidnapped a woman at an ATM in north Arlington and have released a surveillance video of the crime. “Better use my sleeves to avoid leaving finger prints.” Stares directly into camera.


Online Police Bodycam Released

Muskogee Police Department Release Bodycam Footage Online Revealing The Split Second Decision Cop Makes Before Shooting Dead An Armed Man – Was It Justified? You Be The Judge!

A fatal police shooting was captured on an Oklahoma officer’s bodycam and reveals the stark split second decision he made. Muskogee police officer Chansey McMillin killed Terence D. Walker on Saturday when the 21-year-old ran away after being confronted outside a wedding. Officer McMillin gave chase after Walker bolted when frisked outside the church and fired five times as Walker turned to face him momentarily – armed with a gun.


World’s Fastest Archer

You Won’t Believe This Man Isn’t A Virgin! – World’s Fastest Archer Lars Anderson Debunks Hollywood Myths, Makes Incredible Shots!

Danish archer Lars Andersen has studies ancient depictions of archers in an effort to teach himself long-lost archery techniques, and the results are highly impressive. Andersen can shoot three arrows in as quickly as 0.6 seconds!


Get Wrecked

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things! – Watch This Massive Compilation Of People Wrecking Sh*t Unintentionally!

This video isn’t so much of people wrecking themselves, but wrecking everything else instead. And you wonder why we can’t have nice things…


Meanwhile In hunting...

      Hunter Gets A Wild Surprise When He Finds Some Forrest Animals Making A Human Their B*tch!

Watch as this hunter gets locked in a trance and can’t make himself look away from a bunny rabbit boning a man dressed in camouflage. How would you react?


Kangaroo And Cyclist Collide Australia

Former cricketer collides with KANGAROO as shock cycle crash is caught on camera Watch painful moment rogue kangaroo and cyclist collide


This Dog Can Save Your Life

Watch the reaction of this dog when he saw his master in danger. This is why we call them the most loyal human friends.


Meanwhile In Norway...

Firefighter In Norway Attempt To Extinguish A Car Fire But Instead Make Things Get Way More Dangerous!

These firefighters came to save the day, but nearly made things way worse when they used their high pressure hose on this burning car which didn’t have its handbrake on!


'Magic' Dress: Woman Steals Plasma Tv By Stuffing It Up Her Skirt

The apparent thief left retail assistants baffled after she straddled the entertainment system and walked straight out of the shop Either the skirt is very big or the TV is very small. Because one woman managed to stroll out of a shop unnoticed with a plasma television set hiding between her legs - in just 13 seconds.


Drugs at Work

Man Gets High As All F*ck On Large Doses Of Weed, Ecstasy And Magic Mushrooms, Then Tries Get His Work Done!

This dude took three different kinds of drugs over the course of three days informing people on the street about safety. The result is bloody hilarious!


Story With A Happy Ending

Bully Assaulting Smaller Kid Gets Neck Slammed Into A Wall And Choked By A Justice Serving, Legendary Police Officer!

A recent video is going viral after a bully appears to get exactly what he deserves. I kinda wish he would have choked the camera kid too. Worst cackle ever. It’s all fun and games until you’re feet are dangling, and a police officer has you by the neck.


The Black Spur Wind storm Tree Fall

Dashcam Captures Close Call As A Huge Gust Of Wind Blows Down Multiple Trees In Victoria, Australia!

This driver nearly got crushed multiple times over when a massive wind storm hammered down on a small country highway in central Victoria. So much luck!


Meanwhile In Russia... crazy Russian cop

Russian Cop Completely Blackout Drunk Pulls His Gun On A Civilian Who Takes His Gun And Beats Him Up!

This crazy Russian cop had too many vodkas during his lunch break, so when he came across some tough motherf*ckers, he got beat up and his gun taken!


Giant Angry Hippo

Safari Guide Nearly Gets Chomped To Death When An Angry Hippo Charges His Boat And Launches From The Water!

A safari guide in Zambia has captured the moment a hippo decided to chase his boat. Hippos are easily provoked, and despite their bulk can move very quickly. The guide had to pin it or he would have been done for!


Meanwhile In Sweden…

Watch A Couple Of Cheeky Teenagers Go Fishing With Rocket Fireworks At A Lake That Is Frozen Solid!

They do things a little differently in Sweden – they speak Swedish, they spent a lot on social programs, and they fish with fireworks – for red gummi flavoured fish, I can only assume. It’s all fun and games until a Russian submarine shoots a firework back.


You’ve Never Seen Freerunning Like This

                                    Stuntman Makes Insane Compilation Of Incredible ‘Window Jumps’!

After a year of filming and many injuries, Slovenian freerunner Dominik Sky presents this amazing footage of him jumping through different types of windows!


Russian Crazy immortal pedestrians 2014

Compilation of Crazy Pedestrians Proves Drivers Can Never Be Too Cautious...


Meanwhile In Saudi Arabias deserts...

Too much money with nothing to do..No nights out, no girlfriend...... Sigh.!! Can be a pretty boring life.


Rare up close footage of Lava entering the ocean

What Does This Remind You Of? – Brave Cameraman Gets Up Close To Lava As Is Spills Into The Ocean!

You couldn’t get any closer without putting the inside the lava stream! Watch as new rocks are born underneath the waves when this lava rolls into the ocean!


Car Wash Accident

High speed accident at Quick Quack Car Wash. Caught on Tape: Man in Accident at California Car Wash


World's Worst Driver

Driver Most Likely On Ambien Runs Over Two People In Less Than A Minute, Finally Rams Into Another Car To Stop!

This slightly disturbing dashcam footage shows a driver completely out of it, cruising the streets like a real life game of GTA, hitting nearly everything in the road. What drug do you think they were on?


Meanwhile In Germany...

Which way to Frankfurt...


Mad Elephant Destroys Car

Hope You’ve Got Insurance – Escaped Elephant Goes On A Rampage In Khao Yai National Park In Thailand, Crushing Cars And Chasing Tourists!

This is the moment an escaped elephant crushed a car by climbing on top of it during mating season at a Thai national park. The silver vehicle, carrying a family, was making its way through the Khao Yai National Park near Bangkok on the way to National Children’s Day celebrations nearby. However, the driver of the car was forced to stop as the male elephant wandered out into the middle of the road and started destroying their car. Fortunately the family inside were unharmed.


Meanwhile In Russia... Cool As A Cucumber!

Russian Trucker Witnesses Crash Right In Front Of Him, Casually Whistles As He Dodges The Car!

This truck driver has nerves of steal as he witnesses a big accidentally, then seems to become more calm. Serious boss right there.


A Master Of His Craft

            Watch This Man As He Paints The Lines On The Road, And Does It In A Mesmerising Fashion!

This guy knows how to rack up lines with this ride-on road painter. I used to never take much notice of the lines on the road, now I realise they are pure art!


Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Aggressive Girl Bites Off More Than She Can Chew, Sucker Punches Dude In The Face, Gets Nailed With A Flying Fist Of Justice!

Man or woman, if make the decision to hit someone in the face, don’t be surprised if they make the decision to hit you back. You can almost see the regret on her face at the end.


Real Or Hoax? – The Russian Sleep Experiment

Performed On Five Prison Inmates During World War II Might Be The Most Terrifying Urban Legend Ever!

Toward the end of the 1940s, Russian researchers conducted a study in which five prison inmates were sealed in an airtight chamber and dosed with an experimental stimulant gas to test the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation. Their behaviour was observed via two-way mirrors and their conversations monitored electronically. They were promised their freedom if they could go without sleep for 30 days. Shout out to Will Horncastle for the submission.


Craziest Circus Shot of the Year

Trevor Booker Pulls Out Some Volleyball Skills To Make An Unbelievably Lucky Shot Before The Buzzer!

Worthy of the Harlem Globetrotters, Trevor Booker make his completely unplanned shot without looking at the ring, or even shooting the ball properly. Beast!


This Will Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Need A Shower

                         This Is Why You Should Never Agree To A Blindfolded Game of Limbo!

In the main street of Oslo, a couple of pranksters set up a limbo challenge for anyone willing on the street, as long as they wore a blindfold. What happened next was genius!


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