Japanese style advertising

Japanese company sell their sticky bug traps by making a human sized one and seeing how far a scientist, a sprinter, and a sumo wrestler can get across it!

Japan is back doing Japanese style advertising, this time for an adhesive bug catcher. Lucky this sumo wrestler shaved his belly before he started this experiment!


Amazing Chinese advert

This surprisingly racist detergent commercial from China has gone viral since an America expat living there shared it on Facebook!

This Chinese advert for laundry detergent has been winning attention for all the wrong reasons. Apparently this ad reflects widespread attitudes in China, with beauty standards valuing pale skin.


How to know when you’ve found yourself a keeper!

Chick with wicked strong thighs and butt squats with her equally hot friend on her shoulders!

Girls making out at a bar for attention is so 2005, these chicks know what guys are into now days. This strong young hottie got a quick leg pump in the bar, and looked damn good getting it too!


Lucky skater

“I’m good!” – Lucky skater bombing a steep hill at white knuckle speeds catches a case of speed wobbles, loses control and slides down the street like a Penguin on ice!

Trundling along at 80 kilometres per hour is a yawn if you’re seated in the comfortable confines of your car, with a seat belt across your chest, and doors and bodywork shielding you from the elements and other road users. But what if the only thing that separates you from the tarmac is a plank of wood on four polyurethane wheels?


Meanwhile in Russia…

The moment you know drinking has become a problem! – Russian guy is so drunk he thinks his reflection in a mirror is another man who won’t let him walk passed!

You can’t make this stuff up. This guy was probably a few minutes away from getting into a fist fight with himself. All he wants to do is walk over to the alcohol section.


Meanwhile in Botswana…

“This tent smells like human, I’m gonna taste it” – Shocked tourists lie perfectly still after waking up to find lions licking their tent while camping!

It’s never nice being woken up from your beauty sleep particularly when you are meant to be enjoying a relaxing holiday in Botswana. These two tourists got the shock of their lives when they opened their eyes to see two adult lions standing right outside their flimsy tents. Thankfully the two big cats seemed more interested in licking the dew off the sides of their tent in the Mabuasehube game reserve, Botswana.


Amazing card tricks

The Gothenburg Shuffle – Noel Heath’s hypnotic card manipulations are disgustingly good, he f**ked my mind so hard my brain is pregnant!

This dude is about to trip you out with the type of card tricks that he pulls off. There’s no doubt you’ve seen some people who are wizards with playing cards before, but Noel Heath is next level.


Russia is the undisputed champion of road rage!

Insane man has a gun pointed at him, gets shot at, punched in the head, but keeps on destroying a car like The Hulk!

I don’t think a scene like this would happen everywhere else in the world. This angry guy was not deterred by having a gun pointed in his face, he just kept right on smashing until the car was in a terrible state!


2CELLOS - Smooth Criminal

The talented lads from 2Cellos bust out their own furious rendition of ‘Smooth Criminal’ using just two cellos, obviously!

2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser perform their cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal at their classical concert at the Suntory Hall in Tokyo.


ANGRYDAD honk if you're horny prank

Cheeky dude puts a sign on the back of his dad’s car that says “Honk if you’re horny”, then films his dad’s reaction when everyone beeps at him!

Youtube pranks aren’t often funny these days, but when this guy messes with his angry dad, you can always count on a good reaction!


Hardcore Tumbling off a Roof

Any normal person would instantly snap both legs, but hardcore tumbler Zavell Perry flips and cartwheels off roofs and over cars like it’s nothing!

Zavell Perry has some sort of weird genetic mutation that makes his legs extra springy, and his fear extra low. Watch as he just charges down a roof like the world was made of pillows!


14-year-old kid amazing dance

14-year-old kid with more confidence that P. Diddy asks a grown woman to dance, makes her fall in love with him, along with millions of women on the internet!

Have you ever dreamed of hooking up with a mature Spanish chick? Go start taking dance lessons right now. This kid is at a pimp level of 9000. He probably already has 5 kids. He’s probably with your girlfriend right now.


Man battles against 100+ MPH Winds

Man battles against 109mph/175kph winds at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire, getting throw backwards when he jumps!

Weather Observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham took a brief break to enjoy the windy and wintry conditions on the observation deck. Winds so far have topped out at 109 mph, with gusts near the century mark expected.


Incredible footage captures plane crash

“Get the f**k out!” – Incredible GoPro footage captures the moment a Cessna plane carrying 17 skydivers has a mechanical malfunction and crashes into a vineyard!

Passengers are calling the pilot of a plane a hero after the aircraft crashed in a vineyard. All 17 passengers onboard walked away unscathed. The pilot only had a bloody nose. GoPro video from the helmet of one of the passengers shows the plane barreling toward the ground as a truck skirts right past the nose of the plane. The plane clips the back end of the truck before cartwheeling and landing upside down in a vineyard off of Jahant Road. “He saved my life. He saved 17 lives, ” said passenger Brandon Aleshire, a navy veteran.


Meanwhile on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway…

Sh*t kicks off between a New York cabbie and truck driver, all of a sudden NYPD pop up out of nowhere like GTA cops!

It was an ultimate battle between a NYC cab driver and a truck driver. The two men can be seen punching each other multiple times on the side of the road. However, police were randomly standing nearby, and one officer can be seen running over to break up the fight. As another officer appears, they both push the combatants against a wall and handcuff them.


Behind the Leather

Peta grosses people out to turn them off buying animal products by putting blood and organs inside luxury leather goods!

Animal right organisation Peta made a pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s coolest shopping malls to try and show consumers the suffering behind every exotic-skins bag, belt, jacket, and pair of gloves or shoes.


The Most Amazing 12 Year Old Freestyle Skateboarder!

This 12-year-old ripper from Japan has taken the internet by storm, has only been skating for 4 years and is well on his way to becoming the next Rodney Mullen!

Twelve-year-old Japanese skater Isamu Yamamoto is the latest skateboard prodigy to have taken the Internet by storm. More than 20 million people have watched his videos. Many experts have called the youngster from Shiga the “Modern-Day Mullen,” a reference to Rodney Mullen, who is acknowledged as the best street skateboarder the world has ever seen. Legendary.


Drone appears to deliver bag of Drugs through Prison Window

Drone Delivery – CCTV footage captures a big stash of drugs and phones being flown over a high prison fence, as inmates hook the bag with a stick from their cell!

Imprisoned criminals are becoming more and more inventive with their drug smuggling techniques CCTV has proved after it captured a drone being used to fly in contraband.


These Lizards Have Been Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors

The Side-Blotched lizard have been playing a game of rock-paper-scissors for the last 15 million years to try and win females!

Male side-blotched lizards have more than one way to get the girl. Orange males are bullies. Yellows are sneaks. Blues team up with a buddy to protect their territories. Who wins? It depends – on a genetic game of rock-paper-scissors.


Transgender Bathroom Policy

“Are You Gonna Let The Devil Rape Your Children?” – Bible Toting Mother Of 12 Marches Through Target With Her Family To Protest Transgender Bathroom Policy!

Armed with a Bible and some of her 12 kids, a manic mom marched through a Target store, wailing apocalyptic messages in protest over the chain’s transgender bathroom policy. “Are you gonna let the devil rape your children?” the unidentified woman screamed, according to video of the bizarre demonstration. “What Target has done is very hateful! It’s hateful towards families! It’s hateful towards mothers! It’s hateful towards children!” Check it out!


Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2016

“I am a f*cking great motherf*cking driver!” – Prepare to grit your teeth and clench your fists for the compilation of intense close calls and near misses!

Get your daily dose of adrenalin with this compilation filled with moments that almost see multiple people getting carted off the hospital!


This highly trained dog is the friend we all need!

If you are about to get stabbed, this dog will see it coming and attack before it’s too late!

This dog has got your back like he was protecting the president. Watch as the K9 anticipates a knife attack, and has such fast reflexes that it can prevent the attack from happening!


Incredible time lapse of birds nest

Dude finds a birds nest and sets up his GoPro to make a time lapse video, captures a cheeky snake come along and snatch up all the eggs!

If you didn’t already hate snakes, maybe killing four baby birds will help that happen. This snake was caught in some surprisingly awesome footage taken when a dude decided to throw his GoPro in a tree for a few hours!


Meanwhile in Russia…

Real life Spider-Man tied a rope to a crane perched high above a Russian city and swung on it, and I’m scared to find out what these crazy dudes will do next!

Russian daredevil Sergey Devlyashov took the whole crane climbing trend to the next level, and Spider-Man swung off it. he didn’t tie the rope around his waist or something like that either. Just brute grip strength to stop himself dying!


Someone give this man a beer!

Madman Uli Emanuele flew his wingsuit through a sketchy ring of fire high up in the Italian Alps!

Human flight artist Uli Emanuele has brought to life another one of his sensational dreams, to fly through a ring of fire. With the help of some friends they cart the heavy metal contraption high into the Italian Alps. With a little improvisation the support crew get everything ready just as the wind slows allowing Uli to soar through the flaming circle.



Crazy bastard straps on a GoPro and illegally jumps off the Matilija Dam, a white knuckle 120 foot, 112kph drop into the cold water below!

“This is the highest dam jump ever recorded, and in the top 3 highest jumps into water ever done. Matilija Dam, at it’s highest point is 170 feet. The lowest point is 120 feet. The jumper accelerates to speeds nearing 70 miles per hour on his descent. This jump was done by a professional, with a rescue squad on standby. This video is for entertainment purposes only, we do not endorse, suggest, or recommend jumping off of cliffs, nor dams.”


Man Hangs Onto Helicopter

Man Hangs Onto Helicopter At Funeral For Murdered Controversial Businessman, Sustains Serious Head Injuries And Breaks His Legs While Trying To View The Body!

A man who was hanging on one of the landing skids of a helicopter that delivered the body of the late businessman Jacob Juma has been hospitalised. The man sustained serious injuries on his head, and has broken his legs. He is currently in Bungoma Referral Hospital receiving treatment. The man, identified as Saleh Wanjala, wanted to view the body of the slain businessman. The incident was captured on video, and has gone viral on social media.


Meanwhile in China…

This is why you wear a seatbelt! – Man driving a three-wheeled car in China loses control and hits an oncoming car, goes head first through the windshield but survives without serious injury!

The footage was shot near Lanzhou, a mountainous region in the Gansu Province of north-west China. The three-wheeled truck comes around a corner at high speed, toppling on its side towards oncoming traffic. The helpless driver can only watch as his vehicle ploughs headfirst into a car equipped with a dash cam, sending him crashing explosively through the windshield!


Stop Resisting!

High speed police chase ends with a violent arrest, and now 2 officers are relieved from duty, as criminal probe is launched into disturbing helicopter footage!

Troopers from New Hampshire and Massachusetts have been relieved of duty following their involvement in the beating of a driver after a high-speed chase from Massachusetts into southern New Hampshire. That one cop looked like he was stabbing with a shank. Remember guys, it’ just a few “bad apples”. Just a few bad apples every day. Just a few more bad apples today than yesterday. Just a few more bad apples tomorrow.


No Stretcher For You Buddy, The Show Must Go On!

Volunteer From The Crowd Gets Knocked Out Cold By A Clown During A Circus Act!

“My kids filmed me up on stage tonight not knowing what was about to happen. I’m OK just battered, concussed, bruised and a bit dizzy. I’m very angry at the way I was carried off stage before the paramedics even checked to see if I had any major neck or back injuries. I could of been paralysed for all they knew.” – Ben Garnham.


Countdown until this kid gets invited onto Ellen!

Young broski does the running man challenge through the halls of his high school, turns out awesome!

Roy Purdy, an 18 year-old Musician/Comedian from Appleton, Wisconsin, took the running man challenge with his own twist. It blew up online getting 7.5 million views on Facebook!


This adventurer gets some top value for a very small amount of money!

How much food can you get for $5USD in a Columbian street food market?

This guy hit up a Columbian street food market, and was able to buy six different things for less than $5! This is still cheap considering the vendors were probably jacking the prices up for the American guy!


Taylor Street Saskatoon Hit and Run

Still tucked under the blankets asleep, a man was woken up by a thunderous car crash outside his house, runs outside to record the hit-and-run chaos unfold!

“We were still sleeping and we heard a loud bang and we rushed outside the house,” Neil Steven Manaligod said about the abrupt wake-up call, which happened around 5:40 a.m. According to Saskatoon police, a white Dodge Ram struck a parked Ford F-150. Investigators said the white truck was reported stolen. Manaligod said the episode was the craziest thing he’s seen in Canada, after moving here six years ago from the Philippines.


Stubborn Husky throws hilarious temper tantrum

Stubborn Husky throws hilarious temper tantrum when its owner won’t turn the tap in the bath on, and is trying to make the sleepy husky get out!

We all know those morning feels, when it’s time to get out of bed, but it’s just so damn comfy. This husky wants to chill in the bath and play in the water, but not even the prospect of a walk will stop this husky complaining!


Fail corn on the drill

Chick tries to eat corn on the cob in record speed by attaching it to a drill, and omfg it all goes horribly wrong when her hair gets caught in it!

This video exploded across the internet, killing what would have been the next trend for kids to wreck themselves on. The person operating the drill just held the button flat while it mowed through her hair. Nice job sunshine!


Model fast posing cataloge king

The secret to being a successful male model is all in the posing – Take a look behind the scenes of what models actually do to earn money!

Serbian model Filip Timotijevic demonstrates the art of speed posing. This guy can smash out an entire catalog in about 5 minutes!


Disturbing video shows a mother in Argentina making her young daughter smoke marijuana

Disturbing video of mum 'forcing young daughter to smoke cannabis sparks police probe'

Filmed in Argentina, this mother can be seen thrusting the supposed joint into the girl’s face. Police in Buenos Aires believe the girl looks no more than six-years-old. As the child appears to inhale the smoke,the woman then draws heavily on the spliff herself before telling the girl to take another puff.


The world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster!

New rollercoaster in Ohio called the ‘Valravn’ hits 75mph.

Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio, is home to the new roller coaster that opened to the public on Saturday, the same day the park opened for the season. Valravn gives riders a sweeping view of Lake Erie before dropping them over 200 feet on a 90-degree free fall that hits a top speed of 75 mph. It also turns riders upside down three times.


Owners Watched Fort McMurray Home Burn to Ground Over iPhone

Rest In Peace, Sweet Fishes – Devastated Husband And Wife Watched Their Fort McMurray Home Burn to Ground Over A Home Security Camera Live Stream On Their iPhone!

When thousands fled the flames in Fort McMurray, most wondered if they’d ever see their homes again. James O’Reilly didn’t have to wonder—he watched his home of almost 20 years burn to the ground on his iPhone. The video — shot by an indoor security camera about 20 minutes after O’Reilly and his wife had barely enough time to grab some clothing and go — starts with a clear view of their living room, front window and two clown fish in a tank. This has got to be utterly heartbreaking!


Meanwhile in Alaska…

“He’s coming up right here dude!” – Meanwhile in Alaska…Bloke captures Humpback Whale feeding right next to the jetty in Knudson Cove!

A massive humpback whale paid a visit to Knudson Cove Marina in Alaska, allowing visitors the chance to get an up-close look. Strike Zone Sportfishing shared video of the rare encounter captured by Captain Cy Williams and noted that the whales had been appearing frequently in the area for several days. Incredible stuff.


Meanwhile in ISIS...

Welcome to Jihadi Jackass – ISIS fighter almost blows himself up on camera after pulling the pin on a ‘suicide belt’ for a laugh then throwing it down stairs in Iraq!

ISIS fanatic Abu Waqqas al-Albani, 19, is seen smirking as he pulls a pin out of the belt before throwing it down a staircase, causing a massive explosion. The teenage militant’s real name is believed to be Gezim Klokoci. It is understood he is a college-dropout from Finsbury Park, North London who joined the vile terror group at some point over the past two years.


Extreme up-close video of tornado

Aggressive supercell in Colorado produces devastating yet incredible tornado, and courageous storm chases just captured some of the most insane camera footage ever!

At least seven tornadoes touched down in Colorado this weekend, mostly over rural land, as massive storms swept through the area. Imagine seeing something like this as a caveman 50,000 years ago and not understanding why it’s happening. It’s events like this that must have helped engrain spirituality and deeper thought about our existences.


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